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Sunday, November 26, 2023

‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ could face a possible ban in Pakistan

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Salman Khan’s “Tiger Zinda Hai’ may not release in Pakistan after the Censor Board of Film Certification has refused to issue a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) to the movie.

Chairman of the Central Board of Film Censor (CBFC) Mobasher Hasan said, “Tiger Zinda Hai has been refused the NOC, citing the same reason as the first instalment of the franchise: The image of Pakistan and its law enforcement agencies have been compromised.”

Earlier, the first instalment of the series ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ was also barred from screening in Pakistan citing the same issues. Also, Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Agent Vinod’ that had an anti-Pakistan theme aswell was banned in Pakistan.

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Expressing his views Muhammed Ashraf Gondal, the vice-chairman of the Central Board of Film Censors said such films have themes that directly challenges the integrity of our national institutions and security agencies.

He said, “We have strict criteria due to which films that have themes that touch on anti-terrorism and are against Pakistan’s national institutions or security agencies ultimately have to be censored because they are against the national interest.”

This possible ban may be the setback for the makers of the movie since Pakistan provides a huge market for Bollywood movies.

However, the movie is expected to make lofty profits despite facing a ban in Pakistan.

The trailer released last month got 8 million views on YouTube.

The trailer shows the movie is a double-dose of action for its viewers. Salman’s jaw-dropping stunts and intense drama in the movie is indeed a treat for the fans of this Bollywood superstar. A recent clip released on YouTube by the makers of the film show Salman fighting against some wolves. 

“Tiger Zinda Hai” seems like it will be even more engaging for the viewers than its predecessor. The trailer features Khan riding horses, snowboarding, motorcycles, ATV’s and firing automatic machine gun.

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Tiger in the movie is sent on a life-threatening mission to save 25 Indian nurses abducted by an Iraqi terrorist group similar to ISIS.

Katrina Kaif who plays an alluring Pakistani ISI agent and martial arts expert joins him in the nerve-wracking mission.