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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

TikTok takes down 11.7 million videos from Pakistan on violations

This action comes as part of the platform's strategy to maintain community guidelines and prioritize user safety.

In a major effort to ensure a safe online environment, TikTok has taken down approximately 11.7 million videos from Pakistan in the first quarter of 2023.

This action comes as part of the platform’s strategy to maintain community guidelines and prioritize user safety.

Globally, TikTok removed over 91 million videos during the same period, accounting for about 0.6% of the total content shared on the platform worldwide. The figures represent a proactive approach by TikTok to maintain a responsible digital community.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, more than 85.68 million videos were removed globally, indicating a significant increase in efforts to enforce community guidelines.

Notably, during the first quarter of 2023 in Pakistan, TikTok managed to successfully remove 83% of violating videos before reaching any viewers, and nearly 92.2% of such content was taken down within a day. This reflects a steady improvement in the platform’s ability to act swiftly in addressing guideline violations.

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Apart from content removal, TikTok remains vigilant in tackling spam and fake accounts. During Q1 2023, 16.94 million accounts suspected of belonging to users under the age of 13 were removed globally, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to protecting young users.

Furthermore, TikTok’s efforts to counter fraudulent activities saw around 51.29 million fake accounts removed during the same period, demonstrating a dedication to upholding authenticity and fairness on the platform.

In line with its mission to create a safe and inclusive space for all users, TikTok utilizes a combination of advanced technology and human review to identify and address content that breaches community guidelines. The platform’s quarterly release of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report reinforces transparency in its content management practices.

As TikTok continues to strengthen its stance against misinformation and harmful content, its users can expect a safer and more enjoyable experience on the platform.