TKMG Road: Pakistan’s mega project to be completed soon!

The Timergara-Khar-Mamad Gat Road (TKMG) is on its way to completion as it heads into its final stages of construction. Once completed, the road will help improve economic and development prospects in Bajaur as it will connect the region with the rest of Pakistan.

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The Timergara-Khar-Mamad Gat Road (TKMG) is on its way to completion as it heads into its final stages of construction. The Rs 7 billion project is set to be completed by June 2022 as planned by the government.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO), one of Pakistan’s national strategic organizations, took charge of the project. According to the Project Officer, FWO is working on the project around the clock.

As per recent updates, the asphalt work on the road is currently underway, signaling the final stages of construction. Regarding this, the Planning and Development Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently revealed the pictures of the newly-built road on Facebook.

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Connecting Pakistan through the TKMG Road

As an important part of Pakistan’s Central Trade Corridor (CTC), the 71.197 km road TKMG Road will link Mohmand, Bajaur, and Dir subsequently. The road will also help improve economic and development prospects in Bajaur.

Moreover, under the project, there will be a total of 7 bridges, and 156 culverts with a road construction cost amounting to Rs. 7bn set to be inaugurated by 2022.

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Work on the road initially began last year after PM Khan performed the ground-breaking during his visit to Bajaur tribal district.

Deputy commissioner Mohammad Fayyaz Khan termed the launch of work on the road project good news for the people of Bajaur. He said the project will provide job opportunities to hundreds of local residents. In addition, the project will bring a new era of progress and prosperity to the region.

Similarly, the people of Bajaur also welcomed the launch of the work on the road project and expressed the hope that it would ensure modern communication facilities to them on completion.

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