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Thursday, February 15, 2024

TMUC MUN moot presided over by foreign diplomats

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The Millennial University College Islamabad successfully held its annual three-day Model United Nations – MUN 2018 – in Islamabad at its Bahria Springs Campus. The event which comprises of around 2 days of simulated UN debates and mock scenarios for its participants ended successfully with a themed dinner and gala night according to the press release.

Over a thousand students from all across the country registered and showed up for the event which was presided over by the Royal Danish Ambassador in Islamabad; Rolf M. Hey Holmboe Royal Danish Ambassador. In attendance were also Chief Operating Officer Anna Faisal and Principal for TMUC Bahria Springs; Shabana Jaspal.

The Moot was constructed with the intent of enable younger generations with a vital opportunity to communicate and learn from diplomats.

In his speech, the Chief Guest addressed the delegates and others present and expressed his pleasure over the successful run of the event. Rolf Holmboe stressed the power of education terming it the best investment for the future of the country. He also emphasized the role of the United National and the pluralist practices it encourages in addressing pressing matters of global scale.

Following the opening ceremony, an Ambassadorial Moot was conducted and moderated by prestigious Ambassadors from across the globe representing UN member states. Apart from Rolf M. Hey Holmboe; serving Ambassador of Portugal, Joao Sabido Costa; Deputy Head of Mission for Embassy of Somalia, Ali Sheikh Abdullahi, Pakistan’s former Ambassador to France; Ghalib Iqbal, Pakistan’s former Ambassador General to Saudi Arabia and Germany, former Director General for the Inter-Services Intelligence and author; Asad Durrani and Director for China Radio International, Islamabad; Chen Xiang.

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A moot happens to be one of the most effective social tools to discussing important issues and this year’s topic for the debate was “Peace & Progress through Partnership and Connectivity”. After the Ambassadors introduced themselves to the audience which consisted of the Millennial Model United Nations Executive Council and Delegates, they divulged further on the role of the United Nations and its goal and purpose of achieving global peace and prosperity.

Recruitment & Outreach Manager Ms. Alifia Rizwan hosted the moot and Ambassador (r) Ghalib Iqbal moderated the debates. The Moot was constructed with the intent of enable younger generations with a vital opportunity to communicate and learn from diplomats.

Most foreign diplomats found themselves pleased with the delegates and appreciated their thoughts while insisting on them to utilize their talents contribute positively towards society. The students were also trading questions and even one of the Millennials posed the question; if world peace is actually attainable. In response, Ali Sheikh Abdullahi added in optimistically that if the UN was to be utilized optimally as a platform then world peace is attainable.

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CEO for Roots Millennium Education; Anna Faisal, Director of Outreach and Communications; Sabina Zakir and TMUC Principal Ms. Shabana Jaspal presented the Ambassadors and representatives with mementos.