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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TOMCL Secures $4 Million Beef Export Contract to UAE

TOMCL secures $4 million export contract to UAE, reinforcing market expansion and industry leadership in livestock processing and meat export.

The Organic Meat Company Limited (TOMCL) has announced another significant milestone in its export endeavors, securing a lucrative contract valued at $4 million to export frozen boneless beef to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This announcement follows a previous export contract with First Quality Food Stuff LLC, demonstrating TOMCL’s consistent efforts to penetrate and thrive in the Middle Eastern market. Middle Eastern countries remain the primary export destination for TOMCL, showcasing the company’s stronghold in the region’s meat industry.

Commitment to Growth

The new contract reaffirms TOMCL’s commitment to sustained growth and its position as a leading meat processor and exporter from Pakistan to the UAE. With a focus on quality and reliability, TOMCL aims to capitalize on expanding market opportunities while maintaining its reputation for delivering top-notch meat products.

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Anticipating significant revenues within the next six months from this contract, TOMCL remains optimistic about its continued partnership with First Quality Food Stuff LLC and the positive impact on its financial performance.

Diversification Strategy

Beyond the UAE market, TOMCL has diversified its portfolio to include pet food raw material, enabling access to markets in the US and Europe. Additionally, TOMCL boasts significant business in Far East, Commonwealth of Independent States, and South Asian markets.

As the first Pakistani company to export vacuum-packed fresh beef meat and the sole owner of technology for vacuum packing or blast freezing mutton and quarter beef carcasses in the region, TOMCL continues to innovate and expand its market presence globally.

TOMCL’s success in securing multi-million dollar contracts reflects its commitment to excellence, innovation, and market responsiveness. With a keen eye on emerging market trends and a dedication to delivering quality products, TOMCL sets a benchmark for Pakistan’s meat processing industry. As it continues to forge strategic partnerships and explore new avenues for growth, TOMCL remains a pivotal player in driving Pakistan’s meat export industry forward.