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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tony Ashai creates Damene Koh concept on PM Khan’s request

Now that the World is attempting to move past the Covid Pandemic, it is time for Pakistan to focus on its much-neglected tourism industry.

Kashmiri American, Social Activist, Prominent Architectand a friend of Imran Khan, Tony Ashai, tweeted a concept design for Damene Koh in Margalla Hills, which he did so on the request of the Prime Minister Himself.

Saying, “It could be a world-class destination and an iconic park for Pakistan. Currently, the park is in bad shape.” He also said, “The concept is simple to create a terraced garden and a few outlets for food that merge with the environment. #Damenekoh Here is another render.”

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As for his personal philosophy on tourism, he said, “Most people think #Tourism is all about natural beauty. It is all about connectivity/Infrastructure like hotels & airports/Trains and then, of course, places to visit. All this requires investment and time. #Dubai is a great example of how to build a tourism-based industry.”


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There was some backlash from a few people saying that it was unfair for a Prime Minister to ask his personal friend for such a high-profile project. He, however, responded that many people were approached, and this was just his idea.

He was, however, not very optimistic that the government would move forward with the project. “Thank you all for your comments. And those who worry, please don’t this is just an idea and not a proposal & if it ever goes anywhere, which I seriously doubt, knowing very well how slow the process is in Pakistan, I am sure it will go through a competitive bidding process.”

Previously Tony Ashai gained public attention when he was accused of being an ISI agent after his pictures with Sharukh Khan went viral. He responded by saying he only designed Shahrukh Khan’s Dubai buildings and Los Angeles apartments and nothing else.