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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Top 10 Bollywood movies helpful for CSS aspirants

Top 10 Bollywood movies that can help CSS aspirants understand historical, administrative, social and political issues.

Continuing with the suggestions of movies and documentaries for Central Superior Services (CSS) aspirants, I list down top 10 Bollywood movies that can help CSS students understand historical, administrative, social and political issues.

Section 375

Section 375 is based on weakness of Indian law particularly the new rape laws promulgated after the famous Delhi Rape Case of 2012. The movie shows how a woman exploits the law to seek revenge from his boss. This best court room drama movie from Bollywood presents convincing arguments from both the defense and the prosecution. The procedures and administration of law is very well presented in this movie.

CSS aspirants must watch it to know how a law is exploited, administrated and how court rulings take place. It will also help develop analytical and argumentative skills among competitive exam candidates.

My favorite dialogue from this movie is spoken by Akshay Khanna, he tells his counterpart lawyer, “We are not in the business of justice, we are in the business of law.” Law students must also watch the movie Section 375.

Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is a Netflix original series based on 2012 Delhi rape case. It shows how police works. CSS aspirants who want to join Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) must watch this. This is wonderful reenactment of the rape case of a medical student – from the starting of the case to investigations, media trial of the police, confessions of the suspects, political point scoring and judicial proceedings.

Slumdog Millionaire

Although, it is directed by Hollywood director, the movie is based on the street children of India. What CSS aspirant can get is how a street child’s life long learning helps him win in ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ game show. CSS exam also tests entire life’s learning of a candidate. Students must learn to ‘connect the dots’ as shown in the film – a concept also illustrated by Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech.

The movie got Academy Award in the category of Best Film and Best Music, thanks to my favorite music director A.R Rehman.

If you want to watch more movies like Slum Dog Millionaire, start with ‘Salaam Bombay’ – the first art movie from Indian cinema.

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Again not a Bollywood movie, but Gandhi (1982) is a classical masterpiece biographical movie on one of the greatest leaders of sub-continent, Mr. M.K Gandhi. CSS aspirants have a lot to learn from this movie as this also helps us understand the Independence Movement.

CSS movies

Mangal Panday

This Amir Khan’s movie on the life story of Mangal Panday shows the struggle of the people of Indo-Pak subcontinent during 1857 War of Independence. The topic is part of the CSS Pakistan Affairs syllabus; thus the movie helps CSS aspirants in imagination of the events.

Rang De Basanti

Another movie of Amir Khan which shows the struggle of Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh of Lahore. The movie inculcates new spirit of patriotism in youth and connects history with contemporary issues – a must watch for CSS aspirants.


Based on the life of India’s top Machiavellian politician Vallabhai Patel, Sardar is another movie on pre-partition politics involving Muslims, Hindus and the British. There are some factual errors; nonetheless, it provides great knowledge of affairs about political history of United India.


The movie Shahid is based on the life of a Muslim boy who prepares for law exam and becomes lawyer only to advocate Muslim rights. This is based on the true story of Shahid Kazmi who was martyred by allegedly Hindu extremists. CSS aspirants can seek inspiration from each scene of this film and can also get to know about the state of Muslims in India.


Anwar is a beautiful movie with multiple metaphorical meanings. This is important for CSS aspirants because it helps them create analogies – an intelligent tool to boost creativity.

The movie revolves around a middle class Muslim man who falls in love with a girl. He is unable to decide between unconditional and conditional love. The one sided love story remains incomplete which is why the movie can be interpreted in multiple ways. Interpreting a story in multiple ways is what CSS aspirants should always focus.

The movie also shows how deeply the Indian society is stereotyped against Muslim, but that part of the movie may be skipped because the main takeaways are from the love story. Anwar is available on Shemaroo’s YouTube channel.

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Shadi Me Zarur Ana

This movie shows how two candidates of UPSC exams of India, equivalent to Pakistan’s CSS, struggle in their life. The only reason this movie is on the list is that it is the only popular movie among CSS aspirants in Pakistan; hence, nothing special to speak about it.

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