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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Top 10 easy ways you can make money online right NOW!

College can be very expensive for students, from tuition to supplies to living on campus. But here is how you can still earn money without worrying about balancing a job and schoolwork. 

Here are ten ways you can earn money online, while being in the comfort of your dorm or favorite study spot on your own time! 

1.     Take Online Surveys

Filling out online surveys has become popular for people (including students) to earn extra money on the side. Research companies are always looking for people to test and review products/services. Some surveys will even reward you up to $5 just for filling out a form! 

Here are a few online survey sites to try:

· InboxDollars

· Swagbucks

· Survey Junkie

2.     Blogging

“One of the best ways to make money online is by running a good blog,” said Chloe Tomlinson, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and Nextcoursework. “No matter what topic(s) you want to talk about, or what you’re selling, blogs will give you recognition. And revenue for your blog will come from either the product you’re selling, the ads that are on there, or from affiliate product reviews. Once you fire up your blog, and keep it going, it’ll turn into a money-maker.”

3.     Try Freelance Writing

Are you good at grammar? Are you good at researching? Then freelance writing is for you!

Freelancing sites like Upwork and Guru always have paid online job listings. And, if you’re a writer, you can check out sites like Online Writing Jobs, WritersDomain, iWriter, and Write.com for listings on freelancing writing and proofreading jobs. Just remember that job pay can vary based on article/project, how much money per word, or based on an hourly rate. 

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4.     Review Websites And Apps

Are you tech-savvy, and loving surfing the Web? 

Companies like UserTesting.com are always calling for people to test their websites and apps. All you have to do is sign up, complete a test review, and receive websites in your inbox. Some reviews will pay $10 via Paypal for reviews that take around twenty minutes to complete. 

5.     Become A Virtual Assistant

As companies start to outsource a lot of their administrative work (emailing, organizing, researching, etc.), you can jump on board as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can earn as much as a few hundred dollars per month. All you need is a computer, and some spare time to devote to do administrative work. 

6.     Try Data Entry

Like virtual assisting, data entry is outsourced by companies; so, this is another go-to job to consider, if you have basic computer skills, and fast and accurate typing skills. Data entry is normally part-time work, which is ideal for college students. Find genuine data entry jobs on these sites: 

·        www.guru.com

·        www.peopleperhour.com

·        www.freelancer.com

7.     Become A YouTuber

Many young people, including college students, are hitting up YouTube to upload videos ranging from vlogs to tutorials. You’ll generate money through ad revenue (ads on your videos), especially when you have high viewership, as much as $7.60 for every 1,000 views of each video.

8.     Online Translation Jobs

Many companies are looking for people to translate documents, audio files, etc. into different languages. So, if you’re bilingual, or studying two or more languages, then these jobs are for you! You can work at your pace, while putting your language skills to work, based on your skillset. Here are some of the most legit sites where you can find translating jobs: 

· 1-800-Translate

· Appen Butler Hill


· TranslationDirectory.com

· WordExpress

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9.     Be An Online Tutor

If you’re good with your studies, and/or wanted to teach a certain subject, then why not tutor online? Many reputable tutoring agencies are looking for people to tutor students online. Just apply online to become a tutor; and if you’re a good fit, you’ll be able to connect with students that need help in your area(s) of expertise, and earn money from it part-time.

Check out these sites to get started:

· Chegg Tutors

· Tutor.com

· TutorZilla.com

· TutorVista.com

Interested in creating your own course? Then consider sites like Skillshare and Udemy.

10. Try Affiliate Marketing

Got a good social media presence? Or do you have your own website or blog? Then why not try affiliate marketing?

“All sorts of companies, products, and services are looking for people to promote their stuff,” said Willie Hare, a business writer at 1Day2write and Writemyx. “Affiliate programs will allow you to use their links to encode them onto your site and share them; and if someone buys something using your link, you’ll receive a commission for it.”


Making money online is very simple for students, as long as they’re very good at what they do. By earning money online, students can tackle expenses like student loans, bills, and any other financial goal. 

Michael Dehoyos writes and edits for the Ph.D. Kingdom and Academic Brits, as well as contributes to numerous other sites and publications, including Origin Writing. As a content marketer, he assists companies in coming up with fresh and up-to-date marketing strategies.