Top 10 Techniques to Secure Privacy Online

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The emerging and fast-growing online world has made it very difficult to secure our privacy when surfing on the web. None of the information or data is unseen or unobserved. We all are like open books to different companies, agencies, and various government departments. 

However, there are several ways that you can protect your privacy. These are as follows:


  • Make Use Of Privacy Settings


Most of the applications that are used widely offer privacy settings like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more, therefore make sure you have these privacy settings set to the way you want them. Giving a thorough read to the options is worth the time since it’s working towards safeguarding your privacy. 


  • Try To Secure Your Browser


Use the browser that gives you the utmost protection and privacy options unfortunately Microsoft has failed to cater to users fully in this regard. Make a selection from other providers like Google Chrome, Safari and others and customize privacy settings accordingly. 


  • Mobile Phone Protection


The iPhone has proven to provide the users with the most secure environment. Your phone must provide you with the assurance that you will not be attacked by spyware, Malware, and other viruses. Please check that you are protected.  


  • Avoid Free Services


Nothing is free in this world you are paying in some way. So usage of free services may make your data transparent to alien bodies. Hence avoid using free apps on a regular basis and try to remove them from your devices if not used because it will ask for unwanted actions to be taken by the app from time to time.


  • Changing Your IP Address Frequently


There are devices that can render your IP address making your sessions unseen to others on the web, resulting in protecting privacy. An ICLOAK USB stick is one of the well-reputed devices that can do this job.  


  • Be Wise With Your Passwords


Repetitive passwords are not the best way to secure your actions while you are online. I know it’s a hectic job to remember passwords especially when it comes to emergency situations to access data. Use a smart strategy to set passwords.  


  • VPN Service Is Very Helpful


Virtual Private Network is one of the most secure methods to process your data, hence all your data is encrypted before it leaves your browser. There are a number of services available to aid you.  


  • Anonymous ID Creation Technique


The cryptocurrency creates an anonymous ID providing you with a digital footprint to carry out your online purchases. This can protect your credit card information and help you carry out transactions securely. 


  • Limit Your Online Transactions


The credit card hackers have mastered limitless ways to conquer your card details to make theft. I know it’s very convenient to make purchases but it is advisable to control online transactions.  


  • Make Sure To Use Anti Virus


It is essential to have an antivirus installed in your machine at all times and keep it updated to avoid cyber attacks.


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