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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Top 5 Apps to Help You Deal with Stress during COVID-19 Outbreak

You do know that your mobile device does not have to make you unnecessarily anxious even during this coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging all over the world. It is highly desirable at this time to take proper care of our health overall at this tasking time. With the more recent outbreak of COVID-19, quite a number of us have become confined to the walls of our homes, and we have various reasons to be fearful each day for the safety of our loved ones and families. It is quite impressive that there are tons of applications out there that are available to help with combating anxiety and stress. This review reveals a list of such apps, and I hope you do find them to be very helpful. 

1. Wysa 

Although a lot of us would like to have health professionals relatively available that we could quickly speak to about issues affecting us, it isn’t exactly an option. This is a chatbot that adopts the usage of therapies to aid users in effectively handling their mental state of being. You can access this app anytime, even if you need to use it at 2 a.m.

2. BoosterBuddy

This is one of the best apps that would prove very useful when addressing issues relating to mental health, as it comes at no extra costs. The app is tested and trusted because it makes use of real-life situations and responses from people. You can quickly get in touch with the ‘buddy’ and go through some challenges to get set up for the day. You could also alternatively visit sites such as Nordic slots to help have some fun. After these challenges have been conquered, you get rewarded with coins that can be dropped for further incentives. In case you’re finding it a bit difficult to leave your bed, try this app, and you’d feel a lot better. 



Photo by Engin akyurt on Unsplash

3. Shine

Although this one needs a subscription to access it fully, it is still worth its quantity of salt, by the way. This app provides you with meditations, articles, talks, and much more that can be easily accessed and used in your daily life. It focuses primarily on growth and compassion, and it more or less functions as a life coach to users. The meditations provided are powerful ones that need no further introduction, as a trial would leave you wanting more. The flexibility makes it easier to engage, especially now that you’re indoors safeguarding yourself and your family. The meditations are focused on specific topics that would ensure that your brain is not made idle during this challenging period.

4. SelfCare

Anytime you feel like your anxiety’s beginning to make the better of you, then you better reach for this app. This app is designed to help synchronize different activities while still lying in bed. The music and visuals it elicits make it a balm for sore souls. The little moments matter now, as it seems to take more than 24 hours for a day to roll by. You can customize your space on the app or even cuddle a cat too. The relaxing words it provides its users to leave them with the soothing effects needed to take their minds off the current pandemic that is currently affecting all and sundry all over the world 

5. Talkspace


Although the apps mentioned in this review have specific issues and areas that they pay attention to, this particular one is not different in any way. Talkspace offers you professional guidance as it brings online therapy to the light more. There is increasing awareness of how people can get help when they need it online, and it is made available in the form of therapies and counseling.