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Although these two are not even remotely related, pop culture buffs are freaking out over both. With pre-launch review videos of the Moto Razr V4 circulating over social media, it is not premature to say that this might bring as much of a renaissance as the Moto Razr V2 did, one of the most popular phones of all time: having sold 12 million of its merchandise since 2004.

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Motorola again seems to be working on a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet, along with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy X, the Apple foldable iPhone and the Huawei foldable phone.

In February 2018, the Lenovo CEO hinted at this unexpected return from the hall of fame. This is according to a comment that Lenovo CEO made to a small group of journalists at MWC, Tech Radar reports.

Motorola did show off foldable phone concepts years ago so it may be closer to producing this phone than a mere patent reveal would suggest.

Yang Yuanqing was asked about a possible Motorola RAZR revival to which Yuanqing commented, “With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described (referring to the Moto RAZR brand) will be developed or realized very soon.”

The Motorola foldable smartphone, which folds out into a tablet, appeared in a patent filed to WIPO. Unlike the three-screen competition, this appears to use a two-screen setup that allows it to work as a single screen when folded into a phone or it can be folded out into a tablet where that one larger flexible screen folds out.

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In a tech insider video, the phone is described as having two cameras, one on the front left that works in phone mode and the other at the top right so when in tablet mode they can be used as a dual camera. This should allow for a stereo effect for the images to make 3D-like shots.

In the middle, at the top and bottom, appear to be flexible hinges which not only allow the screen to fold out into a tablet but can also fold over again to be propped up into a tent-like display mode. Yup, this looks like the gymnast of the foldable phone world.

Of course, like all foldable phones at this stage, this is just an idea. That being said, Motorola did show off foldable phone concepts years ago so it may be closer to producing this phone than a mere patent reveal would suggest.

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Samsung is expected to reveal its Galaxy X foldable smartphone early next year. Samsung has never disappointed, but then again, there can only be one Moto Razr.

On that note, there can also be only one Maverick. Veteran actor Tom Cruise, most popular for his role as Lt Pete Mitchell “Maverick” in Top Gun, a 1986 American Romantic Action/Drama film. The movie was a pop culture icon and Maverick was deemed as one of the most popular movie characters of all time. On Wednesday, 30th May, Tom Cruise tweeted out a picture, which was a first look at the sequel. The tweet has been shared all over the world and movie buffs cannot wait until 2019 when it is expected to release.