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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Top High-Growth Stocks Perfect For Investing Your Money In 2020

Stocks became a very popular business investment in this modern era. It is easier to maintain and you don’t need to have a physical store to earn since all you need to have is a good stockbroker that will constantly provide an update about your investment. Although, stocks can also be a bit risky because rates can go up and down in just a matter of minutes.


But if you have the right and proper information on how to play with this kind of business, you will surely earn big amount of money. If you are on your 20s or 30s right now and you have some extra money resting on your bank and you don’t have any idea where to invest your money. The stock market is the right place for you and here are the stocks you buy in 2020.


As you can see, Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce business in the world right now. Other big companies that you can compare to Amazon are  Google, Apple, and Facebook. This company started its business in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Even though this company is still new, it already made its own name to the business world.


Amazon is not full proof since there will always be a time that it will go down, although, as you all know about this generation right now, everything is going forward and e-commerce is growing fast. If you wanted to take the risk then pick those things that you think you have a higher chance of getting your earnings.


If you think you know something about how car retail works then this company is perfect for you. Carvana is operating as an online second-hand car retailer and it has other technology-related businesses. It started its operation in Tempe, Arizona and in the year 2018 the company was rated as the fastest-growing second-hand car dealer in the US.


Why Carvana is one of the top picks in the stock market right now? And the answer to that is about the service that they provide to their customers. You can just go to their online website and they will provide a wide variant of good quality used cars. If you already pick the car that you wanted, they will directly deliver the car to you with a money-back guarantee.


As you all know, people are doing the majority of their business online and that includes buying things, paying bills, communicating with people, and much more. That is why Carvana is the perfect business to invest in.

TriNet Group

TriNet is an online professional employer group for medium and small-sized businesses. It provides payroll assistance, teaches employment law, administers employee health benefits of a specific business. To make it simple, this company is an external human resource department. The company is based in Dublin, California with 2,000 plus employees.


TriNet is predicted that it will become one of the main online businesses to rise-up in the year 2020 which is perfect for those people who wanted to invest in their stock. The need for external HR services is undeniably growing since it can provide less work for the business.

Canopy Growth Corp.

The Canopy Growth  Corporation is a cannabis company that started its operation in Smiths Falls, Ontario and founded by Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici in the year 2013. In 2019, the Canopy Growth Corp became the biggest cannabis business in the world based on their value shares.


The legal marijuana industry is growing fast and more and more people taking advantage of it. And if you wanted to have good investments you should pick the Canopy Growth Corp since it has the most capitalized cannabis investment that achieved for about $14 billion market cap which is greatly higher than other Legal Cannabis companies.


Investing in the stock market is easy if you have the right knowledge to do it. Knowing these top companies is an advantage but be aware, the stock market can be very fragile. You should always be watching the flow of the market so that you will be able to predict the outcome. But of course, you can always hire a good stock market broker to maintain your investments.