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Friday, April 12, 2024

Top High-Speed Internet Providers in Pakistan

Slow internet irks everyone and Pakistan's internet is known for its slow services. But do you know about the fastest internet providers in Pakistan. Here is a list.

Tayyab Ali |

Are you still struggling to get high-speed internet service in Pakistan? Then your struggle is real because it is overwhelming to find reliable internet service in Pakistan. Nowadays, the internet has become a necessity all over the world and Pakistan is no exception because it has currently more than 3 million users. After the explosive boom, there are surely many renowned and top high-speed internet providers in Pakistan. Yes, currently there are too many internet providers who advertise and promise to offer high speed in reliable packages. Let us help you to find quality ISP, impeccable internet speed with the best customer service at affordable rates.

So before our readers fail to decide on searching a good quality and top high-speed internet providers in Pakistan, it is paramount to know about the available services in the market.

What is Broadband and Why it is Preferred?

Broadband is a term used by all internet service providers for high-speed internet. Broadband internet is faster, more reliable and offers quality internet service as compared to the traditional connection. It is true that broadband packages enable users to enjoy unlimited downloads and they can utilize stable connection at the worthy price.

It is wise to do your homework before choosing an ISP and select the package according to your daily data use, internet speed you require and how much you can pay for the broadband, happy browsing.

Even after 3G and 4G, broadband is relatively fast and is required for homes, offices and other firms because of its increasing use.

However, if you live in a rural area, the idea of having a broadband internet connection is going to be impossible. Fortunately, there are options like satellite internet options out there you can invest. For example, this article written by DailyWireless that talks about a good satellite internet option like Viasat. This is very similar to VSAT Satellite Broadband and others you can find here in Pakistan.


If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you will be well aware of the popular internet provider. The largest provider currently has a great number of users. It is now a semi-government company that owns undersea fiber optics and reliable internet infrastructure. PTCL offers landline, internet, and TV services. Its services include conventional Wi-Fi router system, wireless facilities such as Wingle, EVO CarFi, PTCL EVO and also provide Smart TV option for its users. PTCL is surely feasible and economical because of its easy installation process, good customer service, and best range. Ptcl is probably the best and reliable internet service provider in my opinion with the most clients in Pakistan. If you are using Ptcl’s broadband service then you can do Ptcl speed test to compare your results with other services and you will know that you are using the right service. Hence, it is a popular choice of Pakistani locals.

  • Website: PTCL
  • Installation time: Maximum 3 working days
  • Complaint time: Maximum 48 hours
  • Contact: 0800-80800
  • For complaint and other services: 1218

Looking for a reliable FTTH broadband internet service in Pakistan? Then there is no better option than StormFiber. StormFiber made a large investment in building reliable, affordable, fast and offering convenient services through fiber optics while others ISPs rely on the unreliable copper-based technological network. StormFiber also offers great TV services and fast broadband internet service. Hence, the service of StormFiber is limited to areas of Karachi including Clifton, Defence, PECHS, and some areas of Gulshan while its services are available in some areas of Faislabad and Lahore as well.



You might be amazed to know the name of broadband ISP in Pakistan as Optix but yes, for superfast and next-generation internet services, Optix is the ultimate solution. The fiber to home broadband connection services is available to many households in limited areas of Karachi and Lahore. Customers of Optix can enjoy seamless services by selecting a single or triple play package that includes Phone, Internet and TV services.

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Nayatel is not so popular but still, it offers great internet connection and high-speed FTTH services in Faislabad, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Thousands of Nayatel customers claim that the company offers good customer facility with a triple-play package. The triple play package includes HD or SD television, telephony, and broadband services.


Qubee is a renowned ISP in Pakistan that uses high-end WiMax technology for providing top high-speed internet service. Their internet packages are limited because they offer limited range service followed by fair usage policy from 1MB to 3MB. The company promises to improve the quality, speed and the cost of its services. Qubee offers shuttle devices that are portable and can be carried to various countries or cities. These devices are great, convenient and used as a plug and play devices. It is best for business users who always want to stay connected on the go. The broadband coverage and its services are available in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.



In 2009, Wi-Tribe services were operational in Pakistan. The Qatar based company got famous because of offering its exceptional services and high-speed internet all over Pakistan in a short span. The dominant ISP soon became a competitor of other renowned ISPs. The high-end customer service along with quality internet assured customers about the technology. It owns creative as well as a unique design that can fulfill customer satisfaction and fits best to everyone need. It was the first ISP to introduce 4G technology.

  • Website: Wi-tribe
  • Contact: 111-187-423
  • Installation time: Same day if order is placed before 12 pm.


Wrapping up

The above all mentioned are top high-speed internet providers in Pakistan. It is wise to do your homework before choosing an ISP and select the package according to your daily data use, internet speed you require and how much you can pay for the broadband, happy browsing.

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