Touching hearts: Imran Khan, the leader we needed!

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Javed Hassan |

Many on the left and supposedly ‘liberal’ can never reconcile themselves to ever accept ‘Taliban Khan’. But today as I heard the Prime Minister Imran Khan unveil his government’s Poverty Alleviation Program it was clear to me why I support this man. How could one not be moved by his profound empathy for the poor, the marginalized, and all those forgotten by the well-off? With every word he spoke, one could hear his deep connection with the suffering of those who bear so many daily indignities with stoic resilience.

He promised a comprehensive set of measures to leave none behind. Whether it cares for the transgender community, opportunities for street children, uplifting rural communities, rights for workers and servants badly treated, or even feeding dogs, none shall be forgotten. Maybe khan relates more with the sorrow of the many poor than his critics will ever understand as they never have felt the humdrum rhythm of ordinary lives:

The humdrum rhythm of life,

Like the mongrel fast asleep under the cool of a neem tree,

More serene than the most peaceful Buddha,

Or the beggar child’s large eyes,

Tiny fingers clinging to her mother‘s grimy rags,

Beseeching a few pennies of generosity.


Or the teardrop rolling down a cheek,

Of a lover,

Waiting expectantly, anxiously,

Even if so fleetingly,

For some sign of love.


Or the thousand cuts,

Of shame,

The servant bears with uncomplaining loyalty,

His master’s harsh insults.


Or the young woman’s fist clenched,

Eyes burning with rage,

Just this once,

Unwilling to accept,

That hallow hollow advice from mother to mother anew,

“Passive suffering makes the world go round”.


Of you,

Those thin lips,

Curling into a half smile,

Hinting a glimpse,

Into the many Mysterious thoughts,


I care only for ordinary,

Of the pain, of blood, of dirt

Of tenderness, longing, beauty…….


Javed Hassan is graduate of Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School, he is an investment banker who has worked in London, Hong Kong and Karachi. He tweets as @javedhassan’. The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.