Tough measures to avert tough times: Minister for State Revenue

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The Federal Minister of state for revenue Mr. Hammad Azhar has said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government is working for the long-term economic growth of the country; for that purpose, they have taken some tough measures to rescue the country from economic insolvency. “Our currency reserves are much better than those of the last year,” says the federal minister. He made these statements while talking to prominent anchorperson of GNN, Dr. Moeed Pirzada in his prime time show “live with Moeed Pirzada.”

When asked about the debt which PTI government has taken in the last six months he said that they have taken debt no more than that of the previous government, as the previous government only increased debt in last 20 months of their tenure to 13 billion. “The figures of state bank show a drastic shortage in taking foreign debt after July 2018,” maintained Hammad Azhar.

Talking about the economic progress of PTI government Mr. Hammad Azhar said, “You will see phenomenal growth in the economy soon, from 1971 to 2008 the country did not see such slow economic progress which the country witnessed after that”.

We are well aware of the conditions of the common man but facing this painful scenario is compulsory to acquire a prosperous economic life of the country, says the federal minister.

Mr. Hammad Azhar while talking about the future plans about the economy of the country told that they would go towards economic growth within two years and there will be reforms but they want to maintain an average growth of the economy up to 6%.

“Tough measures of the government to acquire long term economic growth has increased inflation in the country, this economic slowdown and inflation is temporary in nature, we will overcome all these problems related to economy,” says the federal Minister for revenue.

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Addressing debt servicing, the federal minister for revenue said that in the last government billion dollars were spent to make rupee more valuable and the money which was spent on this shameful activity was coming from foreign debts which we are paying back now and they destroyed the exportation industry of the country in that way,” said the Minister.

When asked about the conditions of IMF Hammad Azhar maintained that the conditions of IMF have been changed for us but he still does not want to disclose that conditions prior going to IMF.

While answering a question about the woes of the common man and inflation in the country Hammad Azhar maintained that without facing tough situations, it is not possible to attain high goals. “We are well aware of the conditions of the common man but facing this painful scenario is compulsory to acquire a prosperous economic life of the country,” says the federal minister.

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While commenting on Ishaq Dar’s statement about PTI’s mishandling of the economy of Pakistan, the federal minister said that they are ready to face criticism from the people but they are not ready to acquire cheap fame through fake or short-term ways.


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