Tourist Attraction Map That Makes Finding Places To Visit in Pakistan a Huge Fun

Pakistani graphic artist presents an innovate map, featuring all the major tourist attractions in Pakistan to facilitate tourists.

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A Pakistani graphic designer has created a captivating map, highlighting all the famous and major tourist attractions in the country.

Graphic designer Assam said he has created the map to assist the tourist planning to explore Pakistan; he has also marked major highways and road links leading to these tourist attractions.

Assam said the map is his bid to support tourism in Pakistan that possesses breathtaking and picturesque tourist attractions. He added that he translated his admiration for the beauty of Pakistan in his artistic work.

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First Tourist Attraction Map of 🇵🇰 Pakistan Since my Childhood to adult age i had been hearing from general people about my country pakistan, that it has huge potential, including 5 kind of weathers, 6 kind of beaches, agricultural lands, highest mountains, roof of the world, oldest civilisation, all the minerals and resources, heritage and different cultures. so i decided to create a picture of those voices to showcase pakistan to the world, what we actually have and how many undiscovered areas we still have to explore. Since last year our visa policy has been change and we are visa free for many countries and for others we have on arrival visa plus e-visa service as well and tourist are finally come back to our countries after many struggling years. and being a traveller when ever i visit other countries first thing i search for, that is Tourist Map. And when i was looking for Pakistan tourist map i found nothing help full or interesting, so i decided to take the initiative and it took 8 consecutive days to create this High resolution Pakistan Tourist Attraction Map which represent overall beauty of Pakistan. in Term of Nature, Architecture or Infrastructure. we are truly blessed country in the world. As a Introduction to Pakistan i mention the similarities between Other International Countries like with Pakistan. I hope this Map can helps to many travel lovers like me. For high resolution map please visit #pakistan #touristmap #pakistantouristmap #pakistanattractionsmap #pakistanattractions #maps #3Dmap #artisticMap #lahore #islamabad #punjab #karachi #jehlum #kartarpur #sharda #kashmir #neelumvalley #pakistantourism #tdcp #pia #pakistanairlines #quetta #moolachotok #frenchbeach #clifton #seaview #dolmen #frearhall #pakarmy #india

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He shared the image of the tourist map on his Instagram account with a long caption explaining his motivation for creating a vivid map. Assam lamented that he was surprised to found that there existed no map to facilitate foreign tourists coming to Pakistan.

It took him eight consecutive days of extensive hard work to prepare a high-resolution Pakistan Tourist Attraction Map ‘which represents the overall beauty of Pakistan’.

He highlighted the efforts made by the current Pakistani government for the boost of tourism in the country including ease in the visa process for foreign tourists.

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“Since last year, our visa policy has been changed and we are visa-free for many countries and for others we have on arrival visa plus e-visa service as well and tourist[s] have finally come back to our countries after many struggling years.”

He has also added helpful notes to the map in resonance with the map of other countries. “I hope this map can help many travel lovers like me,” Assam added in the conclusion.

The latest stats of Gallup shows an exponential surge recorded in tourist traffic recorded in Pakistan over the last five years. A major chunk of tourist traffic was attracted to Pakistan’s cultural heritage and museum sites reported Gallup Pakistan. The report quotes an optimistic figure of a 317% rise in tourist traffic, with Punjab hosting 95% of the total tourism traffic.

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Pakistan, with its rich heritage, is the epicenter of three civilizations, which attracts people of three different faiths-Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

The recent visit to Thailand’s Chief Monk highlighted Pakistan’s significance in terms of world culture and heritage. Currently, a delegation of Korean Monks is also on the visit to pay homage to the centuries-old sacred sites of Buddhism in Pakistan.