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Monday, July 15, 2024

Toyota reports decline in profitability

In the first quarter, Toyota's profitability was badly harmed by the company's regular reductions in output. 

The regular production cuts have severely hurt Toyota Motor Corporation’s Q1 profitability. The corporation has disclosed its Q1 financial information, which reveals a 42 percent fall in Q1 profits.

Operating profits for the corporation fell to $4.3 billion from $7.47 billion at this time last year. The company has claimed recurrent production reductions as a result of the worldwide chip shortage, the supply-chain crises, and other operational issues.

Nevertheless, the automaker produced 9.7 million vehicles as anticipated in this year. The company attributed the accomplishment of the production forecast on its strong residual demand. The Toyota official confirmed that the supply issues have halted international sales. Customers throughout the world were waiting for their automobiles to be delivered, therefore the representative claimed that “we were not able to make enough.”

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The business hypothesises that the market for vehicles may be hampered by rising worldwide inflation. It made clear that the cost of materials is probably going to increase by 17% in the near future.

Pakistan faces a similar issue

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is having trouble as is the case with the entire auto sector as a result of Pakistan’s current economic condition.

The company informed a media outlet last month that it intended to stop production and assembly operations from August 1–14, 2022, as a result of the State Bank of Pakistan’s refusal to approve Letters of Credit (LC) (SBP).


It further stated that the decrease in production was brought on by local currency depreciation, tax rate increases, a rise in shipping expenses, and a rise in raw material prices. The manufacturer also disclosed that it would provide waiting consumers with full refunds with a 100% markup.

  • Production at Toyota IMC has significantly decreased, which will probably have a severe effect on auto sales.