Toyota Yaris Cross GR launched

The Toyota Yaris Cross is sold in select regions at a lower price point than the C-HR. To spice up the compact car lineup, the manufacturer has introduced the GR Sport.

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In some areas, the Toyota Yaris Cross is positioned below the C-HR in the brand’s lineup. The automaker is adding a modestly sporty GR Sport model to the lineup to add excitement to the little car. The third quarter of this year saw the beginning of pre-sales in Europe. There are currently no available information about prices.

Toyota refers to cars with modest performance improvements as GR Sport, whilst vehicles with more significant tuning as GR and GRMN. This Yaris Cross is not a hot hatch, so don’t think that.

For this tiny crossover, the only mechanical adjustment is a new suspension setup. The underbody of the version sold in the Japanese market has additional bracing as well, however the European model makes no mention of this change.

With a simulated diffuser under the rear bumper and gloss black mesh in the grille, the Yaris Cross GR Sport has a little more aggressive appearance. This particular model only comes in the color Scorched Orange. Additionally, Ash Grey is a color option with a striking black roof and pillars. It is supported by 18-inch, 10-spoke wheels with a machined finish.

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In the cabin, there is black Ultrasuede with red stitching for a sporty appearance. The instrument panel, doors, and trim are all gunmetal silver. The headrests, floor mats, ignition button, and steering wheel all feature the GR emblem. Dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, and a nine-inch touchscreen screen with navigation are included in the interior features.

The GR Sport’s powertrain is the same as that of the other Yaris Cross models. A hybridized 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine generates 116 horsepower in total (87 kilowatts).

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