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Thursday, February 15, 2024

In historic first, Quetta appoints female traffic police sergeant

The first-ever female traffic police sergeant in the city of Quetta has been appointed, setting a positive example for girls in the Balochistan province

For the first time, the city of Quetta has appointed a female traffic police sergeant. The responsibilities of a traffic police sergeant include guiding drivers, maintaining orderly traffic.

Balochistan’s first-ever traffic police sergeant

‘Samaa’ reported that Sobia Khan, the traffic police spokesperson, the special appointment is the first in the history of the province, Balochistan.

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Khan’s appointment is being ‘touted’ as an example for aspiring women, and female drivers in Quetta and the country at large. The institution further explained that the appointment gives strength to girls and motivates them to achieve their goals through their strengths.

The newly appointed sergeant strictly fined three drivers on her first day on the job saying, “Without documents, no one will be allowed to drive.”

Balochistan’s progression through CPEC

Chairman of CPEC authority Asim Bajwa in an interview with Najma Pirzada of Global Village Space, on 27th September, said that through CPEC, Balochistan is progressing faster than ever.

“Gwadar port and Gwadar city are progressing swiftly and we have now started work on the Gwadar airport which will be one of the largest airports in Pakistan, then there is the Gwadar Freezone, in which there are Chinese companies that have already taken part but Gulf countries, as well as western countries, are interested. The Gwadar master city plan which has been created by a Chinese company and is ready to be implemented.”

Gwadar has also been designated as a place for an oil refinery and storage since its proximity to the port provides a very important advantage. There are many major roads that have either started construction or are close to construction. The increase in connectivity will provide businesses and people much more ease in conducting businesses in these areas.

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The Chairman of the CPEC authority said that Balochistan was a huge focus of the CPEC initiatives.

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