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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Turkish Parliament bans Coca-Cola, Nestle products from premises

Turkey's government has been critical of Israel's bombardment of Gaza after Hamas' October 7 attack on the country. The two countries have seen a significant reduction in trade volume since the start of the war.

The Turkish parliament has banned Coca-Cola and Nestle products due to their alleged support of Israel. “It was decided that the products of companies that support Israel will not be sold in restaurants, cafeterias, and tea houses in the parliament campus,” the statement read.

However, the statement did not mention the names of the companies concerned. It also did not specify how these firms have been supporting Israel. According to some Turkish media reports, only Coca-Cola and Nestle products have been removed from the menu.

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Turkey’s government has been critical of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza after Hamas’ October 7 attack on the country. The two countries have seen a significant reduction in trade volume since the start of the war.

It had also recalled its ambassador to Israel after the continuous bombing which has affected civilians in Gaza. Turkey has also seen massive protests against Israeli operations in Gaza, writes Reuters.

The massive assault by Hamas militants on October 7 resulted in the deaths of 1,400 people in Israel. They also took more than 200 people as captives. The Hamas gunmen crossed over into Israel by land, sea, and air, attacking the southern and central parts of Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

In retaliation for the Hamas attacks, Israel’s prime minister formally declared war against the militant outfit.

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More than 10,000 Palestinians, including 4,104 children, have since been killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes after the Hamas attack, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, which is also controlled by Hamas.

Recently, fast food chain McDonald’s also came under fire for giving out free food to the Israel Defense Forces.

The fast food chain decided to give free meals to IDF soldiers during the first week of the war against Hamas.

Some social media posts claimed that it had given out 100,000 free meals. The move also sparked protests in the UK. Last week, a man dumped dozens of live rodents dyed in the colours of the Palestinian flag at a McDonald’s restaurant in Birmingham. International coffee chain Starbucks is also seeing boycott calls on social media.