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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Turkish serial Ertugrul, morale booster for Pakistani team to win 3rd Test Match

"Yes I think there is no player who is not watching Ertugrul," Azhar said in his eve of match press conference conducted in Urdu.

Azhar Ali, Captain of Pakistan Test team, has said that Turkish drama Dirilis Ertugrul has become the morale booster for Pakistani players. He said that there is no Pakistani players who is not watching the Turkish serial Resurrection Ertugrul in free time.

The 35-year-old skipper said that Turkish drama Ertugrul has become the motivating force for the Pakistani team to win the third test match against England. Pakistan had lost the first test match against England despite being in a strong position.

The entertainment behemoth-Resurrection Ertugrul- has been a diversion for cricketers who are restricted to bio-secure sites during their stay.

“Yes I think there is no player who is not watching Ertugrul,” Azhar said in his eve of match press conference conducted in Urdu.

“It’s tough to lift the side after losing a winning match but we have done well to lift ourselves and will do our best to level the series by winning this Test.”

Azhar Ali also commented on the defeat in the first test match. He said players easily recovered from the defeat of the first test match because there was harmony in the dressing room. “I’m lucky to have such a nice bunch of guys who are putting everything in for Pakistan,” said Azhar.

“They have gelled really nicely, which makes the job very easy for me, so I focus on all the strategies.

“I’m enjoying it. Hopefully, we can win this Test and move forward from there.”

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Shahid Afridi- Turgut Alp

Earlier, former cricketer, Shahid Afridi revealed that he was obsessed with Turkish series, Dirilis Ertugrul. He said he finished the 500-episode Turkish series Resurrection Ertugrul in just 40 days.

He shared about his fixation with the Resurrection Ertugrul in an interview with host Waseem Badami- Ertugrul’s lead actor Cengiz Coskun who played Turgut Alp in the series had joined the program from Turkey through video link.


Shahid Afridi and Cengiz Coskun exchanged friendly gestures on the show. Coskun asked Shahid Afridi to teach him how to play cricket. In return, Shahid Afridi asked him to teach how to use an ax.

Ertugrul in Pakistan

PTV broadcasted Resurrection Ertugrul in Pakistan in May this year. Since then the serial has become a rage, with Turkish actor receiving overwhelming adulation from Pakistani fans.

Before making waves in Pakistan the serial made waves in more than 60 countries and roughly up to 146 countries. An action-adventure series is available on online streaming service Netflix in English subtitles.

Now, PTV and TRT are looking forward to setting a record of most new subscribers on YouTube in a month. Hence, they are encouraging people to subscribe to the channel, to achieve the landmark in the remaining fifteen days of Ramadan.