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Monday, April 15, 2024

Turkish woman biker finds Pakistan safest to travel

Against all the negative portrayals of Pakistan in Western Media, foreign travelers defy all expectations by revealing its real beauty and hospitality experienced in the country. Ozbay Asil is one of those travelers who shared her account, an adventurer who traveled many countries, regarded Pakistan as the safest to travel.

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Ozbay Asil, a Turkish woman biker who is currently on a world tour, reached Pakistan after crossing Iran. Asil is all praises for Pakistan and the hospitality she has received during her stay in the country.

She revealed how the treatment she has received in Pakistan is unparalleled and was welcomed by locals with a great amount of love and warmth. Asil, who is an academician at Istanbul University, travels and tours to various countries during her summer vacations to experience and study culture all around the world.

Ozbay also revealed how the Pakistani police safely escorted her towards the city of Quetta, 600-km away from the Iranian border.

She also expressed her love for the people of Pakistan and expressed her intention to visit the country again in the future. After her short stay in Lahore, she was welcomed by the Convention Welfare Foundation International and Cross Root at Gujranwala. From Pakistan, she will head onto India and Nepal.

Riding across South Asian countries, she found Pakistan the safest one to travel and defied the negative portrayal of Pakistan and Iran in western media. Asil stated that she not only wanted to explore the two countries but to establish an objective outlook on Pakistan and Iran, to bring forward a side which the western media seldom paints.

She said, “I wanted to experience Pakistan and Iran objectively and share it on social media since they have been portrayed very differently in the media.” She mentioned how all the assertions of media proved to be untrue as she began travelling in Pakistan.

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“Pakistani people treated me like their sister as they love Turkey and the Turkish people,” Özbay said, commenting on the hospitality of the people. Ozbay also revealed how the Pakistani police safely escorted her towards the city of Quetta, 600-km away from the Iranian border.

Cashing on the positive accounts of foreign travellers, Pakistan can amplify its tourist inflow

In the recent past, the accounts of numerous foreign travellers to Pakistan have appreciated the hospitable treatment of its guests and love showered on them by the locals.

Pakistan, looking forward to boosting tourism in the country, needs to defy the pessimistic perceptions set by western media that deter foreign travellers from visiting the country.