Twitter account of Air Marshal Shahid Latif (retd.) was hacked!

Air Marshal Shahid Latif (retd.) clarified that his Twitter account was hacked by someone from the "anti-Imran Khan camp" who tweeted a narrative that he himself does not support. 

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Renowned defense analyst and former vice chief of the air staff Air Marshal Shahid Latif (retd.) claims his Twitter account was hacked following a series of now-deleted tweets critical of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Air Marshal Shahid Latif (retd.) – who had signed the agreement of the latest 18 F-16 Block-52 purchased by Pakistan from Washington in 2008 – clarified that his Twitter account was hacked by someone from the “anti-Imran Khan camp” who tweeted a narrative that he himself does not support.

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“Despite our platform-defined security protocols, this account was hacked last week by someone who happened to be from the anti-IK camp and tweeted a narrative that I don’t endorse or promote. Therefore, ignore the tweets in the last couple of days, as I have deleted them. Thanks!” Air Marshal Shahid Latif (retd.) tweeted.

To clarify, Air Marshal Shahid Latif is rather supportive of Imran Khan, often tweeting about Pakistan’s political developments. However, a few days ago, tweets criticizing Imran Khan were posted from his account. The criticism caused quite the storm in Pakistan and the Air Marshal became one of the top Twitter trends.

What did the Air Marshal tweet?

In the tweets, the son of Punjab Chief Minister and former federal minister Moonis Elahi was also criticized for deploying Punjab police to Imran Khan’s residence.

“Imran Khan should not consume Pakistan for his petty politics, should keep his staff, party, and followers under check. Also, Moonis should not think he is the Field Marshal of Punjab to send Punjab police towards Banigala. Learn the trait first and stay within your limits, Kiddo,” Air Marshal Shahid Latif’s (retd.) account tweeted.


Moreover, amid the reports of a possible TTP resurgence in Swat, Imran Khan’s governance was also criticized and accused of harboring a “soft-corner” for the banned terror group which is responsible for some of the deadliest attacks in Pakistan.

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“TTP re-emergence in Swat is proof of lawlessness and 10 years of pathetic governance of PTI, and its soft corner for the terrorist organization, that has butchered hundreds of Pakistanis, and security officials. An inquiry must be set up, on how PTI let TTP reunite in KPK?” The Twitter account of the Air Marshal also tweeted.


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