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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Twitter angry as France attempts to ban hijab for females under 18

France once again attempts to ban the hijab for Muslim women. Advocates of the bill believe that the hijab is sexist as it deems women inferior to men. People from all over the world have called the bill regressive, misogynist, and oppressive.

Muslim Twitter users from all over the world are enraged as France wants to ban the hijab for women under 18.

France senate on last Tuesday voted to ban females under 18 wearing hijab, restrict women accompanying a school trip with hijab and prohibit people from wearing burkini- a swimsuit that covers women’s full-body, in public pools.

The advocates of the bill believe the bill will end conspicuous religious signs by minors and of any dress or clothing which would signify women inferior to men’ worn in public places.

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Right-wing senator, Bruno Retailleau, has described the hijab and burkini as ‘sexist’, a ‘marker of the submission of women’, and the banner of separatism.’ Amnesty International has condemned the bill calling it an assault on the rights of religious minorities particularly Muslims.




The organization’s researcher Marco Perolini said in a statement, ‘Time and again we have seen the French authorities use the vague and ill-defined concept of ‘radicalization’ or ‘radical Islam’ to justify the imposition of measures without valid grounds, which risks leading to discrimination in its application against Muslims and other minority groups.’

Besides France, Sri Lanka is also mulling to impose a ban on the hijab calling it a symbol of regression.

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People from all over the world have called it regressive, misogynist, and oppressive. There has been a high outcry from Muslim women from all over the world who deems the bill as a threat to their basic human rights and bodily autonomy that allows or restricts them to dress in any way.

The debate went deeper when users pointed out that it is the systematic patriarchy and misogyny that want to control the choice women make.

They believe they are at the receiving end of racism as this bill will also incite Islamophobia in the country.