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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Twitter erupts as QB calls Imran an ‘a**hole’

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Popular singer Quratulain Baluch has landed herself in hot water after she abused Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan in her tweet on Tuesday. The singer called Imran Khan an ‘ass-hole’.

She passed these remarks over Al-Jazeera’s short documentary featuring Ayesha Gulalai and her recent claims of encountering harassment from Imran Khan. Gulalai, the female parliamentarian from PTI claimed she has received multiple objectionable messages from the party chairman Imran Khan.

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This was one of the biggest controversies that emerged in the past year in Pakistan. These allegations caused her to face an immense backlash from society. She was grilled for making false accusations. Quratulain Baluch is now facing similar comments on social media.

Back in 2013, Baluch openly supported Imran Khan and his party in the general elections.

The singer has definitely damaged her reputation as many have advised her to get her facts straight before making irresponsible comments.

Baluch has not yet responded to the criticism. People are now expecting an apology from her.

Many commentators have expressed their disappointment regarding the unabated use of abusive language while criticising a senior political figure like Imran Khan. 

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They have pointed out that not only regular people but the celebrities of our society too are unfortunately following this terrible trend.