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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Twitter reacts to Reham Khan’s innuendoes

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On Sunday, February 4th Reham Khan, the former wife of PTI’s chief Imran Khan confirmed in an interview to a private TV channel that she has left the country citing to the ‘threatening calls’ her staff received from unknown numbers.

The former anchor drew media attention after she made revelations regarding her married life with Imran Khan.

She also reportedly shared an audio clip in which the coordinator of Reham Khan Foundation was telling her how he received calls from unknown numbers and was threatened to not coordinate any of Reham’s interviews and events.

She also said that she has had to discontinue the schooling of her daughter in Pakistan and the whole affair is becoming distressful for her family. She asserted that no political party is standing beside her in her struggles.

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“None of the political parties is standing by me, nor backing me. The staff was receiving these threats since last September,” she added further. She also said: “Several former cricketers called and advised to forget Imran Khan and not to get into any fight with him.”

In the latter part of her interview, she informed that soon she would be unveiling her book that would wash away the false stories rife in society pertaining to her life. “Weird things have been written about my life and many people genuinely want to know…about the ‘plan’ I was part of,” she said.

“Definitely, there would be a mention of the ones I have been married to. It is a story of my life,” she added further. Reham Khan assured she will return to Pakistan, after making satisfactory security arrangements for her family.

“But I will come to Pakistan….I have arrived here (UK) for the publishing of my book and that there may be no curbs on what I have to say.” On Saturday in her interview to an Indian channel she said that she soon she will be breaking silence on different matters.

“There were many matters that were and are in my knowledge and I have remained silent about them but now that everything is out in the public and everyone is talking about it, I feel like I will soon have to break my silence about them,”

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To the Indian TV channel, Reham also expressed disquiet over the Supreme Court of Pakistan, “how the highest court of law could label [Imran] sadiq and ameen.”

Many Pakistanis, however, have expressed their dismay over this controversy that is expected to hit Imran Khan in the coming days and too many seems launched in time for the elections. Netizens have questioned Reham Khan’s intentions behind stirring another controversy for Imran Khan.

Interestingly, Kamran Khan program on Dunya TV on Monday evening also did a feature length coverage of Imran Khan, Rehan Khan and an article published in the SundayTimes that discredited Imran and called him a ‘former playboy’.

It is yet to be seen the extent to which Reham Khan’s revelation will impact Imran Khan’s personal and political life in the future. Meanwhile, this is how Twitter reacted to the controversy.