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Twitter roasts Farooq Sattar

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Farooq Sattar’s Thursday evening press conference has caused quite a stir. The melodramatic show which was reminiscent of Altaf Hussain’s antics, albeit not as entertaining.

The incumbent MQM chief unleashed a tirade on Pak Sar-Zameen party founder Mustafa Kamal, members of his own party, and the establishment. 

After effecting an emotionally charged speech, Sattar announced that he would be resigning from politics. 

This announcement was immediately followed by earnest pleas of senior party members and workers who were assembled. 

But, as luck would have it, Sattar retracted his resignation, claiming that his mother had convinced him to remain head of MQM for the sake of the Muhajir community. 

Twitterati, of course, could not let this ripe opportunity pass. Twitter has since been flooded with thousands of sarcastic and hilarious posts.

We at GVS have compiled some choice tweets for your reading pleasure, enjoy!


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  1. Once upon a time there was a PM influenced by an “Abba Jee” Mian M Sharif and now a political prty’s head son has reversed his decisson of leaving party within three hours under the order of “Amma jee”. When people will get rid of Abba Jee, Amma Jee and Beeti Jee politics in Pakistan?


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