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Twitter schools tweep calling Shazia Manzoor, ‘random auntie’

Shazia Manzoor Twitter

Twitter schools a tweep for not recognizing Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor in a viral video. The tweep shared a video of Shazia Manzoor coming out of a Lamborghini car. She sang the famous ‘Lamborghini chalaye Janay O’ in the tune of a Punjabi tappa.

A Twitter user shared this video, not recognizing the singer, the user said her ‘random auntie’.  “Imagine you’re trying to do your rukhsati but you get outside and see some auntie doing this at your car,” wrote the Twitter user.

The Pakistani Twitter users went haywire and came together to tell the tweep about the ‘auntie’ in the video.

“The fact that Shazia Manzoor looks exactly the same since the 90s and just did this absolute boss move with this car makes this an especially ridiculous tweet. He just discovered about Shazia Manzoor. Under which rock was he living before?” wrote a user.

“Dude I’m so much disappointed by this,” said another user. “She is a dream to meet, how yummy her music is, how unique how impossible it is to find another Shazia Manzoor. Let me introduce her to everyone and let’s remember her glory.”

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Later the tweep realized and apologizes to Pakistani Twitter users for not recognizing singer Shazia Manzoor.

“I’d like to formally apologize to Pakistani Twitter for not knowing about Shazia Mansoor. To make up for it, I’ll be making myself and my wife (who was also disappointed in me) listen to her music on repeat. I’ll get back to y’all when I know her songs by heart,” wrote the tweet.

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“No no please continue quoting it tell me it’s Shazia Mansoor I haven’t learned that already from literally everyone else yet,” he added in another tweet.