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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Twitteratis side with Mazari in brawl between Momina and Mazari

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Shirin Mazari, Minister of Human Rights, on a political note, criticized the Coke Studio version of Koko Korina that Momina Mustehsan, singer of the song, did not take well.

Mazari had tweeted her opinion about the song earlier and termed it to be ‘Horrendous’.

Responding to Mazari’s tweet, Momina said it was freedom of speech offered by Coke Studio and ‘Minister of Human Rights’ should have understood that.

Momina went on saying that being a public office holder it was not a matter of personal choice but about country at large and Minister as a social responsibility should have not fueled ‘cyber-bullying’.

Shirin Mazari responded to the tweets and said it was her personal opinion and had nothing to do with ministry.

Senator Sherry Rehman did not have anything good about the song either and second the Mazari’s opinion.

Majority of Twitterati, already not happy with the reproduction of the song, supported Mazari’s opinion.

They not only sided with Mazari but also did not miss the chance to condemn the production.



Earlier Adil Murad, son of Waheed Murad publically apologized for letting Coke studio cover the song.

The brawl elicited even foreigners like the South Asia analyst Micheal Kugelman to comment

Koko Korina’s Coke studio version became the target of criticism when social media users expressed their anger on the execution of song via mocking the singers and producers of the episode. Viewers have long maintained that commercial interests are ruining the timeless classics of Pakistani music in a bod for profit. However, there are those who state that they merely provide a platform for a reinterpretation of these classics.