Two Spanish-Pakistani sisters killed by in-laws over visa issue

Nobody has registered the case yet but Police have started conducting raids to arrest the suspects.

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Two Spanish-Pakistani sisters Aneesa Abbas and Arooj Abbas have been allegedly killed by their paternal uncle in Gujrat city.

The girls were aged 21 and 23. According to the police report, the girls were married to their cousins for more than a year. The girls were allegedly killed for failing to take their husbands to Spain. The in-laws believe the girls had intentionally delayed the procedure of their visas for their husbands.

Police claim the girls were not happy with their marriages and perhaps were forced into the marriages. Their family was able to bring them back a few days ago. On Friday, the girls were found dead in their house. The initial report says girls were severely tortured before being shot dead.

Gujrat District Police Officer Ataur Rehman, Kharian DSP, and others reached the spot. A team of forensic experts collected forensic evidence from the crime scene. Police say the women have been killed by their paternal uncles who are also the father-in-law of one of the girls. Nobody has registered the case yet but Police have started conducting raids to arrest the suspects.

Netizens have strongly reacted to the incident. They unanimously called for a thorough investigation of the case. Twitter users say that Police should actively pursue the case and culprits to bring justice to the girls. On the other hand, they also demand strict action against parents if they have forced their daughters into marriages.

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“Extremely unfortunate, which deserves less condemnation. It is a bitter reality of our low society that as a nation we are far from a higher level of consciousness,” commented a Twitter user. The incident also brings into discussion the menace of forced marriages and the abuse against women. Others demand that Spanish authorities too should get involved to bring justice to the girls.