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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

U.S. Urges Afghan Taliban Action on Combating Terrorism

The US State Department calls on the Afghan Taliban to address terrorism concerns amidst Pakistan's complaints, as military operations, diplomatic efforts, and reported cooperation seek to counter regional security threats and navigate complex geopolitical dynamics.

The US State Department’s recent call on the Afghan Taliban to prevent Afghanistan from being a breeding ground for terrorism underscores the ongoing concern over the region’s stability and security. Amidst Pakistan’s persistent complaints about cross-border terrorist activities, the State Department emphasized the need for concrete actions to curb terrorism and ensure the safety of citizens, echoing Islamabad’s long-standing efforts in combating terror threats.

Military Operations and Global Commitments

Efforts to address the menace of terrorism extend beyond diplomatic discourse, with Pakistan’s military actively engaged in countering terrorist groups operating along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Recent operations targeting terrorists affiliated with the Hafiz Gul Bahadur Group and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan underscore Pakistan’s resolve to tackle internal security challenges and safeguard its borders.

Despite the chaotic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s resurgence, the US continues to hold the Taliban accountable for fulfilling their commitments under the Doha agreement. While public acknowledgment of counterterrorism cooperation remains muted, reports suggest a behind-the-scenes collaboration between the US and the Taliban to address the terrorist threat in the region.

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The reported collaboration, including high-level meetings between US officials and Taliban representatives, underscores the complexity of navigating counterterrorism efforts in a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape. While questions persist about the Taliban’s ability to effectively combat groups like ISIS-K, regional sources suggest a degree of coordination between the Taliban and US authorities in addressing shared security concerns.