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Monday, November 27, 2023

UK intel, Pak COAS, Taliban discuss new Afghan regime security threats

UK intel, Pak COAS, Taliban discuss new Afghan regime security threats with assurances that Afghan soil wouldn't be used for terrorism again. The UK pledged to stand with the new regime if it promises not to harbor terror groups and use aid for Afghan rebuilding.

The UK intelligence and Pakistan COAS discuss the future of new Afghan regime which is a matter of concern for regional countries and the west. The UK intelligence chief Richard Moore met Pakistan chief of army staff, Javed Bajwa in Rawalpindi to discuss “matters of mutual interests”.

Although the Taliban 2.0 regime is a turning point of the 20-year US engagement period in Afghanistan, the new Afghan regime security threats cannot be avoided. The concerns that the new regime can be used once again for terror attacks in West, the United Kingdom had been in contact with Pakistan and Taliban to address emerging threats.

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UK discussing new Afghan regime security threats with Pakistan

“During the meeting, matters of mutual and professional interests, intelligence/defence collaboration between both countries and overall regional security, with special emphasis on post-US withdrawal in Afghanistan, came under discussion”, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations Directorate said.

Engaging with Taliban over new Afghan regime security threats

Meanwhile, the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee chairman Simon Gass visited Doha to meet Taliban representatives.

The media reports highlight the British officials centered their discussion with the Taliban on getting their pledge the new Afghan regime would not harbor terror groups and that the that future aid to Afghanistan would be linked to its action to ensure peace.

They made it clear to the Taliban that their new Afghan regime would work in favor of Kabul if they keep terror groups at the bay.

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“Safe passage”, an important part of new Afghan regime discussion

In London, the government confirmed the UK’s direct engagement with the Taliban, saying Gass met its leaders over the “safe passage” of Britons and “those Afghans who helped us” out of Afghanistan.

“The prime minister’s special representative for Afghan transition, Simon Gass, has travelled to Doha and is meeting with senior Taliban representatives to underline the importance of safe passage out of Afghanistan for British nationals, and those Afghans who have worked with us over the past twenty years,” a Downing Street spokesman told The Guardian.

Future of new Afghan regime depends on Taliban’s approach

While American troops were frantically pulling out of Afghanistan, the CIA also engaged the Taliban directly. The US spy agency chief William Burns met Taliban leader Mullah Baradar in Kabul about a week ago to discuss the security situation in the region.

According to former MI6 chief John Sawers, future engagement of the international community with Afghanistan will be determined by how the Taliban acts against terror groups on its soil.

“What these talks will be doing is to try to get them in the right place for them to realize it’s in their interest to close down any space and any opportunity for terrorist groups to operate out of Afghanistan,” Sky News quoted him as saying.

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