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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ukraine Accused of Using British Missiles in Luhansk Attack

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, two industrial sites located in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk, under Russian control, were reportedly targeted by Ukrainian aircraft

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has escalated again as Moscow has accused Ukraine of using British-made Storm Shadow missiles to attack Luhansk. According to Russian Defence Ministry, these missiles were supplied by the United Kingdom, a claim that has been denied by British authorities.

UK Denies Supplying Missiles to Ukraine

British officials have denied any involvement in the alleged attack on Luhansk and stated that they have not supplied any weapons or military equipment to Ukraine. The UK has also called for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict and urged all parties to show restraint.

NATO’s support to Ukraine

Pertinent to mention that NATO has been openly supporting Ukraine in the war that started with Russia’s invasion. US and its allies have been providing arms and financial aid to Ukraine to keep up with the war. Russia has condemned the act and accused the West of trying to escalate the war.

Russia Condemns Ukraine’s Alleged Actions

Russia has strongly condemned Ukraine’s alleged use of the British-made missiles and has accused Kiev of escalating the conflict in the region. Moscow has also called on the international community to hold Ukraine accountable for its actions and to urge Ukraine to return to peaceful negotiations.

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Humanitarian Concerns and Ongoing Conflict

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has caused significant humanitarian concerns, including shortages of basic necessities and medical supplies. The use of missiles and other military equipment in the conflict has only exacerbated the suffering of civilians in the region. It is imperative that a lasting peace be established in the region to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and ensure the protection of civilians.