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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ukrainian President and wife pose for a fashion magazine amid war

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and wife Olena Zelenska posed for Vogue magazine as the Russo-Ukrainian war continues.

As Russia continues to strike Ukraine, Ukrainian President and his wife grace Vogue Magazine’s recent issue.

People have a mixed reaction to the war themed photoshoot. While some social media users complimented the photographs and called them “powerful”, others pointed out that the photoshoot only goes to show the power of the privileged.

Many people are confused about the point of a Vogue Photoshoot during a war.

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Zelensky is also a former actor and his latest photoshoot has triggered many people to raise questions about his priorities as the President of a country which is devastated by war.

Back in May, questions were also raised when Zelensky invited Bono, the front man of an Irish rock band, for a mini concert in Ukraine, while the Russian forces continued to attack Ukraine.

Many point out that the Western Pseudo-liberals are defending Zelensky while these were the very people who criticized and attacked Imran Khan for a diplomatic visit to Russia at the onset of War.