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Saturday, July 20, 2024

UN calls out Israel to put an end to the “unlawful killings”

The report pointedly calls for an immediate end to the use of military weapons and means during law enforcement operations.

The United Nations has raised serious concerns regarding the swiftly worsening human rights conditions in the occupied West Bank, explicitly calling on Israel to put an end to “unlawful killings” of the Palestinian population. In a report unveiled on Thursday, the UN brought attention to various disconcerting issues, such as the deployment of military tactics, arbitrary detentions, assaults by settlers, and the imposition of discriminatory movement restrictions. UN rights chief Volker Turk emphasized that the prevailing situation reflects a level of violence and repression unparalleled in recent years. 

Unlawful Killings and Military Tactics

The report pointedly calls for an immediate end to the use of military weapons and means during law enforcement operations. The UN expressed deep concern over the use of unnecessary or disproportionate force, documenting a sharp increase in air strikes and incursions into densely populated areas. The toll on civilians has been devastating, with deaths, injuries, and extensive damage to civilian infrastructure becoming alarmingly common.

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Settler Violence and Attacks

A particularly alarming revelation in the report pertains to the significant surge in settler attacks since October 7. These assaults encompass incidents such as shootings, the deliberate incineration of residences and vehicles, and the wanton uprooting of trees. The United Nations is urging Israel to expeditiously address this escalating settler violence, conduct thorough investigations into all occurrences involving both settlers and Israeli forces, and institute measures to ensure the effective protection of Palestinian communities. Furthermore, the report highlights the critical importance of preventing any instances of forcible transfer and advocates for facilitating the return of displaced herding communities to their rightful lands.

Discriminatory Movement Restrictions

The UN report highlights the implementation of sweeping, capricious, and discriminatory constraints on movement that significantly impede the lives of Palestinians. These restrictions not only pose obstacles to the daily routines of the populace but also intensify tensions, thereby contributing to a broader decline in human rights standards. The imperative to alleviate these restrictions stands as a pivotal facet of the UN’s appeal for a more equitable and just situation in the occupied West Bank.

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The report from the UN Human Rights Office has substantiated the loss of lives, confirming the deaths of 300 Palestinians, including 79 children, in the occupied West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem between October 7 and December 27. This alarming fatality count emphasizes the pressing need to address the crisis promptly and to safeguard the lives of innocent individuals ensnared in the midst of conflict.