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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan Disheartened by US Veto on Palestinian UN Membership

Pakistan expresses disappointment over the US veto of a UN resolution granting Palestine full membership, while diplomatic engagements and reactions from the international community highlight ongoing challenges in the Middle East peace process.

Pakistan has expressed regret over the United States’ decision to veto the draft resolution seeking Palestine’s full membership of the United Nations (UN), as well as its disappointment on the UN Security Council’s inability to reach a consensus on the matter.

Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch conveyed Pakistan’s deep disappointment during her weekly press briefing. The draft resolution was blocked by the Security Council due to a US veto, despite receiving 12 votes in favor, with the US casting a negative vote and Switzerland and the United Kingdom abstaining.

Saudi Delegation’s Constructive Visit and Diplomatic Engagements

Baloch highlighted diplomatic engagements from the previous week, including a visit from a high-powered Saudi delegation aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two countries.

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Discussions during the visit covered various sectors, including energy, mining, IT, construction, and human resource development. Both sides expressed optimism about concluding negotiations soon to materialize investment projects. Additionally, Pakistan reiterated its support for Palestine and Kashmir during discussions with the Saudi delegation.

Reactions from International Community and UN Officials

Following the Security Council’s decision, reactions poured in from various quarters. The Palestinian Authority expressed disappointment, calling the US veto “blatant aggression” and vowing to continue their efforts for statehood. Hamas condemned the US stance, accusing it of bias towards Israel.

Qatar and Egypt also expressed regret over the failure of the resolution, emphasizing the importance of Palestine’s full UN membership. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed the need for progress towards a two-state solution, warning of increased volatility and risk in the region without tangible peace efforts.

Analysis of Security Council’s Decision and Future Prospects

The Security Council’s failure to reach a consensus on Palestine’s membership reflects ongoing challenges in the Middle East peace process. While the US cited concerns about Palestinian readiness for statehood and Hamas’ influence, other council members viewed Palestine’s admission as a step towards justice and peace.

Despite the setback, Palestinian leaders remain determined to pursue their quest for statehood. The international community’s support for Palestine’s aspirations underscores the urgency of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and achieving lasting peace in the region.