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Sunday, May 19, 2024

UN to safeguard Afghan women fundamental rights, Malala

Malala, while addressing the UNSC meeting said that there should be no compromise on Afghan women fundamental rights particularly education and urges the UN to play its due part. She added that the Taliban's statements on ensuring women rights will only have validity if they are put into practice.

No compromise on Afghan women fundamental rights had been Malala’s narrative while addressing the United Nation Security Council meetings. Also, the noble laureate added that Taliban’s words about granting Afghan women fundamental rights and protecting freedoms will only have validity if they are translated into actual practice. Predominantly, she advocated for the right of education for Afghan women and girls in the UNSC meeting.

Education is inalienable right and Afghan women no exception, Malala claims

Addressing the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting on the situation in Afghanistan, Malala highlighted the concern that Afghan women and girls are unable to get access to education in the war-torn country 

Malala said that international human rights laws guarantee education rights for women. She said the right to education is not only for individuals.

Girls, she said, need education for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

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Female teachers not allowed to teach boys, Malala comments 

Malala asked the UN to ensure the protection of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. She added that the UN must remember its commitment to protecting the dignity of the human person.

By shedding light to the current status of schools in Afghanistan, Malala told the UNSC that secondary schools have been shut down and teachers and students have been told to wait at home for an undefined period. Also, she claimed that due to draconian Islamic laws, female teachers have lost their jobs as they are not allowed to teach to the boys.

UN presence and monitoring imperative to safeguard Afghan women fundamental rights

Calling on the UN, Malala asked for a robust monitoring system to be put in place so human rights abuses can be tracked in Afghanistan and Afghan women fundamental rights are safeguarded through a check system.

Malala further asked for a significant increase in humanitarian and development aid is necessary for Afghanistan so schools can open and operate safely. Education, as she adds is a building block for stable societies and Afghan women should be given their rightful share.

UN presence in all areas of Afghanistan is needed more than ever, Malala said. She urged for the UNSC to stand with the girls and women in Afghanistan and alleviate their miseries to all possible support and assistance.

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