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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Uncertain Times in Pakistan

Corruption is one of the vices that has seeped into all the layers of society. This cancer is no longer confined to the upper class rolling in wealth. Each one of us is involved in some sort of malpractice and immorality. The elites blame the poor and vice versa.

When Pakistan came into existence in Aug 1947, its 35 million population had better moral and human values and the leadership was in the hands of incorruptible and selfless Quaid e Azam, and other founding members were God-fearing.

Those standards of morality and honesty can now be read in history only since in the last 75 years, a lot of water has flown down the River Indus. Pakistan’s population has swelled to over 22 crores.

Like in the rest of the world, materialism and the rat race have shredded moral turpitude and have contaminated society as a whole.

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Understanding the matter better

Corruption is one of the vices that has seeped into all the layers of society. This cancer is no longer confined to the upper class rolling in wealth.

Each one of us is involved in some sort of malpractice and immorality. The elites blame the poor and vice versa.

Capitalism run by the West and the international corporations and international mafias is the promoters of materialism, corrupt practices, war mongering, conspiracies, intrigue and other vices.

The international financial system, banking, media and world resources are controlled by the Zionists and the 1% elite in the US. They have controlled the world by converting it into a global village and have now introduced digital hybrid systems and other mind-cloning techniques to neo-colonize the world population.

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Till the late 1940s, Asian and African countries were colonies of European powers

Due to their economic exhaustion in the 2nd WW, they had to free the colonies and withdraw. But the British handed over the reins to the US and taught them the way to continue ruling the so-called independent countries of the third world indirectly through neo-colonization.

To control them, the British policy of divide and rule was continued, and dozens of tools were created to keep the so-called freed countries in line. Whether it was bipolarity or unipolarity, the developing world has remained on the receiving end and at the mercy of world powers.

These tools include the UN, ICJ, HR, IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, G-7, Women, Child, Labor rights, appointing puppet rulers, regime changes, proxy wars, fomenting insurgencies and chaos, coercive tactics, invasions, media war, sanctions and blockades, and many others.

As far as the Muslim world is concerned, except for Afghanistan, all other 57 Muslim states are practically following the secular model. Even KSA has gravitated towards liberalism and secularism.

However, in all the Muslim states, there is an ideological clash between the Far-Right, the Left, and the Centrists.

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This is applicable to the non-Muslim world as well

Today the whole world is in a state of flux. 30 years of the Afghan war, prolonged COVID and the ongoing Ukraine war are causing pain to the US, Europe, Russia, China and the rest of the world. It has intensified competition and antagonism between the big elephants. Several nuclearised flash points have made the world insecure. The global recession and food crisis are being predicted in 2023 due to the disruption of global supply chains.

In anticipation of a bigger clash, the three big powers are busy in realignments to make their respective camps stronger. While the US is using carrots and sticks to induce its allies in the 3rd world to be on its side, Russia and China are winning them over through their policies of peace, friendship and shared prosperity.

Under these testing times, when all the countries are bracing up to meet future challenges, Pakistan is locked in self-destructive internal strife. Extreme polarization and hatred between the PTI and PDM further kindled by the social media and antisocial elements have made the situation explosive.

In their mad lust to stick to power or to regain power, the two contestants have put the security and survival of the country at stake. The army which is the first line of defense against external and internal dangers is being relentlessly badmouthed to achieve political objectives. Unwittingly, they are making the job of Pakistan’s archival easy.

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The Disinformation Campaign launched by India and its allies in 2005 under the banner of ‘Indian Chronicles’ and run by ANI had sowed the seeds of misgivings, distrust, infighting and false narratives. The seeds have flowered and their poisonous effects can be seen in Pakistan’s society. The infatuated lot has become incorrigible.



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