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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Understanding the term ‘Anti Establishment’ in Pakistan

Moied Javeed, a senior telecom executive in Pakistan explains to us the meaning of being anti-establishment and why the use of this term is growing nowadays. He reminds us about society's need for principles, honesty and a better place for our upcoming future generations.

One of the most common phrases echoing these days in drawing rooms is ” I am an anti-establishment” when discussed, but sir a few years back you too were holding a very high official seat or sir you were or are married into one of the celebrated powerful families or sir, your kids are part of the big entertainment because of your past influence. These so-called anti establishment don’t get embarrassed but loudly start screaming about the discrimination and floundering in the system.

When someone politely asks sir what is your philosophy on the right conservative policies or left-liberal approach, they don’t have any answers. It seems they are happy with the establishment till they are in power, the moment they are out of the power seat, they automatically become anti-establishment. The elite which has been ruling for the last 35 years is feeling left out and is using all the tactics to keep themselves relevant. It is unbearable for them to become irrelevant despite having all the luxuries in this poor country.

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Understanding the hypocrisy of our society

Society is full of these fake anti-establishment guys, whose lavish lifestyle is kingly, who have built their empires while doing business with so-called establishments or getting funding from them. This duality and self-serving attitude have become part of their DNA.  This elite feels that not only do they have the birth right to all the fortunes of this country rather people should act on what they narrate and tell them to do. It’s unfortunate that for once they are out of the system and they have started to abuse the very country which has given them everything; status, money, power, recognition.

This momentous change seen in today’s confused generation is the result of concrete, commissions and corruption.  The ruling elite spent all the efforts in building their own empires, cartels and even legislations for their own benefits and interests. While they were building a society full of prejudice, injustice and inequality. They forgot that the coming generation will also take inspiration from them and will completely ignore the values on which the subcontinent has been thriving.

The youth now inspire to be rich no matter what, the differentiation between right and wrong has been eliminated. Youth feels it’s practical and pragmatic to bribe, slander, bully and get your way done. The idealistic and passionate folks are considered fools and old-fashioned. Short cuts and easy money are highly attractive as no one wants to waste their time in building or creating anything.

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The outcome has been opportune, nepotism and misogynistic society. A society where there is no obligation to the community, a society where showing off, name throwing and “I am above the law” is aspired. The abandoned art, distorted history and regressed religious extreme culture are the reasons for such behavior. Fluff and fuzziness have overtaken substance and character.

A dire need for a society based on principles 

Even today’s parents are confused as they have completely strayed from the fundamentals of subcontinental values. They have also given up on their children as they see that less virtuous and cohorts of the system are materially more successful. While, honest, hardworking and able people are struggling to make two ends meet. Scruples and ethics have lost hugely to immorality and depravity.

Serious efforts are required to build a society based on principles, morals and upright behaviors. Society must have pluralistic, diverse and tolerant attributes. Not only educational institutions but the media at large is responsible to inculcate respectful, considerate and emphatic values. It’s time to bring back the oriental and eastern values. There lies a huge responsibility for the educationists and mainstream media. We need to go back and create heroes like Faiz, Faraz, Qudsia and Cornelius.

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The young generation’s role models are their parents, who need to decide what kind of Pakistan they want to give to their children. A country is full of hypocrisy, corrupt prosperity, or a country full of truthful dreams and hopes!

Moied Javeed is a senior telecom executive in Pakistan and can be reached at mj@tptglobal.net. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.