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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Unhappy, Tabish Gauhar resigns as SAPM on Power & Petroleum

Tabish Gauhar resigns as SAPM on power and petroleum. Neither PM Khan nor Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar were happy with him. Tabish Gauhar was also accused of appointing his favorite officers in Pakistan State Oil & Faisalabad Electric Supply Company.

Tuesday, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Power and Petroleum Tabish Gauhar resigns from his post. The government’s Cabinet Division issued a notification stating that PM Khan accepted Tabish Gauhar’s resignation, with effect from 20th September.

Later, Tabish Gauhar took to Twitter to announce the news and thanked PM Khan for giving him the opportunity to serve his country.

“After a year of public service, I have decided to call it a day to return to my family. It’s been a privilege of a lifetime to serve the country, to the best of my abilities, in an honorary capacity. I shall remain indebted to the PM for giving me this opportunity,” the former SAPM on Power and Petroleum wrote.

While mentioning the challenges facing the energy sector, Tabish Gauhar expressed faith and confidence in Energy Minister, Hamad Azhar’s leadership.

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Earlier this year, Tabish Gauhar handed in his resignation two months after his appointment as SAPM. Displeased with his tough position on the government’s negotiations with the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Tabish Gauhar resigned via WhatsApp message to PM Khan.

However, PM Khan refused the resignation of his special assistant on power Tabish Gauhar. He also assured Gauhar of his full support against the power sector’s unscrupulous elements.

Tabish Gauhar resigns due to corruption? 

This time around, as per the government notification, PM Khan gladly accepted Tabish Gauhar’s resignation. As per reports, PM Khan was not happy with Tabish Gauhar’s performance. Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar was also not happy with him.

The energy minister held a meeting with PM Khan Monday night and expressed his reservation over the performance of SAPM Tabish Gauhar.

Tabish Gauhar was accused of appointing his favorite officers in Pakistan State Oil, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), and different power plants.

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Reportedly, PM Khan asked Tabish Gauhar to tender his resignation. Complying with the order, the SAPM handed in his resignation which PM duly accepted.

Consequently, Tabish Gauhar’s resignation amassed disappointment. Founder and chairman of Oasis Energy, Tabish Gauhar has over 23 years of professional experience working in the energy sector. He also worked for seven years in K-Electric.

Sources said Gauhar, was “unhappy over unnecessary interference” in the power ministry. Besides, they said, he had put forward proposals in several meetings, which were not implemented.