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Sunday, February 18, 2024

University of Haripur’s New Program: A Way forward for Effective Governance

The University of Haripur has launched a new program in Public Administration and Governance at graduate level considering the demand and significance of governance professionals in the country.

An educated society is a precursor for the development of any country. A society cannot flourish without an effective education system. A quality educational system prepares a nation to face new issues with innovative solutions and helps to build a society as per the need of the day. University of Haripur 

The emergence of new challenges demands novel responses

The world societal systems evolved over the time and are still in the process of transformation. The emergence of new challenges demands novel responses and proactive ideas to face them effectively.

In 21st century, enormous efforts have been initiated to improve way of living and promote better social, economic, environmental, and political systems. In the recent decades, societies have passionately worked hard to build knowledge economy around the world.

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Human capital: The knowledge economy

Knowledge economy demands high level skillful and innovative minds that have the abilities to adapt quickly with the changing conditions. Universities have a great role to play for establishing knowledge economy and better governance systems by preparing the young generations.

Best education institutions around the world consider it their responsibility to equip generations with sophistical mechanisms and tools, problem solving techniques with practical skills, and strategic thinking to face the upcoming issues, and promote sustainable governance systems.

Effective governance improves the quality of life for the present and future generations without placing an unfair burden on coming generations. An improved governance system is key for the welfare of a nation and is considered an important indicator to place the name of the country in the list of the most successful nations.

Therefore, many educational institutions around the world are imparting education on how to improve governance systems and how to solve existing issues for ensuring knowledge economy and maintaining sustainable development in the world.

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Governance challenges in Pakistan and the role of University of Haripur

Like many other countries, Pakistan is also continuously facing multifold governance challenges. Pakistan is one of few countries that have weak governance systems in the region due to rampant corruption, red-tapism, weak institutional capabilities, lack of professionalism, and political instability among others.

Many initiatives have taken to address the governance challenges in Pakistan. However, this is a high time to further intensify efforts to improve governance setup in the country. As indicated above, universities have an important role to play vis meeting societal challenges of the current time. It is therefore required that Pakistani Universities come forward and play their due role in setting a platform for right drive for effective governance in building the nation.

The University of Haripur has launched a new program in Public Administration and Governance at graduate level considering the demand and significance of governance professionals in the country.

It is an inter-disciplinary degree encompassing several academic disciplines. The program aims to strengthen the skills and knowledge base of students and prepare them for successful careers through rigorous academic training and real life simulations. Only a few Universities in Pakistan are offering such programs at graduate and post-graduate levels.

Last year, we introduced this program considering the importance of this degree and its likely contributions in Pakistani governance system and beyond. The program is designed through comprehensive discussions and vast consultations with major administrative schools at national and international levels.

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The author’s experience at University of Haripur

I am a political scientist. My expertise in the area, my international exposure of visiting over 35 countries, and my academic affiliations with top public policy and administrative  schools around the world motivated me to  introduce a program in the area which Pakistan needs the most.

I believe the program will produce better administrative professionals who will contribute in bureaucracy and governmental institutions – overcoming the existing governance issues in Pakistan. I also believe that this program will emerge as one of the best programs in the area not only in Pakistan but it will be ranked in well-established such programs at regional and international level in time to come.

We are in line to establish our collaboration with some leading administrative and public policy schools of the world such as Getulio Vargas Foundation, Brazil, Cardiff Business School, England, and Baiden School of Public Policy and Administration, University of Delaware, USA.

Opportunities at the university 

Our students will be provided opportunities to spend time as exchange students to these international institutions to understand the governance structures in these countries and get a grip over the innovative governance they strategies apply. This will later facilitate them in applying the same to the Pakistani case in their professional career.

As a part of this program, an international project of German Academic Exchange Service, Germany is being initiated in collaboration with six universities from different Muslim countries to explore the governance mechanisms in these countries and establish a framework for effective governance system in these countries.

This all was not possible without the promising role of honorable Vice Challenger Prof. Dr. Anwar-ul-Hassan Gilani of the University of Haripur. He is always supportive and ready to introduce innovative ideas to programs and projects that have positive impacts on the society. He personally motivated, guided, and encouraged the introduction of this program like many other programs in the University.

I must mention that the University is growing under the headship of Prof. Gilani and the initiatives taken in his leadership today will have long lasting impacts. I am quite sure the University will be found in the best institutions of Pakistan in the years to come. It is our collective responsibility to work with commitment and enthusiasm by following our Quaid’s principles – faith, unity, and discipline so as to address the existing challenges and place Pakistan in the list of most successful nations of the world.

The writer is working as Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Graduate Program in Public Administration and Governance at The University of Haripur, Pakistan. Email: mumtaz86@hotmail.com.The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.