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Monday, November 27, 2023

Unvaccinated people won’t be allowed to work after 31st August: Asad Umar

The government decides to take direct action against people refusing to get Covid vaccines. As per the new official orders, all unvaccinated employees from the service sector will not be allowed to work unless they get vaccines by the August 31st deadline.

In a recent press conference, NCOC head Asad Umar announced a deadline for workers to get their vaccines. After 31st August, no unvaccinated person belonging to the services sector will be allowed to work.

After the initial updates on the Covid situation from Dr. Faisal Sultan, Asad Umar took over and gave a briefing on the strict actions proposed by the government.

While highlighting the Covid trends, Asad Umar observed that during Ramadan the cases were low due to rigid enforcement of SOPs. However, the low number of cases caused some people to become more relaxed and forgo SOPs. As a result, Covid cases surged.

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This time the government decided that a lockdown is not enough. Stricter measures are the need of the hour. As vaccinations are the only solution to fighting Covid, the government proposed stricter measures for its administration

Starting from August 1st, only vaccinated persons or people who have received the first dose will be allowed to travel on planes.

All teachers are ordered to get their vaccines and unvaccinated teachers will be barred from entering school premises after August 1st.

“We cannot endanger the lives of our children just because some people refuse to get vaccinated,” Asad Umar said.

All students above the age of 18 are also expected to get vaccinated by 31st August.

The NCOC Chief also said that 31st August will be the last date for workers of the hotels and restaurants, employees of the train service, public transport, government offices, and those working at shops and markets to get vaccinated.

“After this deadline, the un-vaccinated people will not be allowed to work,” he announced.

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Pakistan’s vaccination drive

In the press conference, Asad Umar also appreciated Pakistan’s increased number of vaccinated persons.

He also highlighted the statistical data of Pakistan’s vaccination drive in different provinces.

“Vaccination drive is ongoing in all parts of Pakistan. We have set a new record of maximum vaccination by administering over 8.5 Lac vaccine shots in a day, yesterday,” Umar said.

Punjab made maximum vaccination record yesterday with inoculating around five Lac people, which is a maximum record in a day for the province, Asad Umar said.

“Sindh administered 1.69 Lac vaccines on Wednesday, which is also the maximum record for the province,” he said. All provinces have set new records of maximum vaccination yesterday, the federal minister said.