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Saturday, April 13, 2024

US and Arab Nations Crafting Detailed Plan for Palestinian State Establishment: Reports

The US and Arab nations are collaborating to establish a Palestinian state, with efforts underway to finalize a detailed plan aiming for long-term peace between Israel and Palestine, including a potential recognition of the Palestinian state by the US, according to a report by The Washington Post.

The US, along with some Arab nations, is actively engaged in crafting a detailed plan aimed at establishing a Palestinian state, US media reported on Thursday.

According to sources among US and Arab officials cited in a report by The Washington Post, there’s a sense of urgency to finalize the plan, which seeks to foster long-term peace between Israel and Palestine.

Efforts are underway to define a specific timeline for the establishment of the Palestinian state, with indications suggesting an announcement could come within the coming weeks, the report noted.

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It claimed that the cease-fire and hostage release talks between Israel and Hamas are also connected to these broader plans.

The report suggested that an initial six-week cease-fire period is anticipated to facilitate the announcement of these plans, garner support, and initiate preliminary steps.

According to the report, US officials have hinted at the possibility of recognizing the Palestinian state, emphasizing that such recognition could signal a new approach to peace efforts in the region.