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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

US combat helis disperse Afghan civilians from runway

Unprecedented mass evacuations have followed the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. The Afghan people in disarray have mobbed aeroplanes in a desperate attempt to flee their own land.

On Monday, advanced combat Apache helicopters were put in use to disperse panic-ridden Afghan masses from the tarmac at Kabul airport. With chaos enveloping the city, the Afghan people stormed into the airport to seek ways to flee. 

The US military had temporarily taken control of the security at the airport to secure the evacuation of its personnel and staff. Those flights were processing on another side of the airport. Footages of desperate people clinging to the aeroplanes documented people losing their lives falling midair. 

According to Washington Post, three people were killedby gunfire Monday morning in chaotic scenes at the passenger terminal of Kabul’s international airport.”  Several young Afghans were hanging onto the engine parts of the American air carrier in an attempt to leave.

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With the Taliban seizing power in Kabul, up to 60 countries, including South Korea, New Zealand, and Japan and Australia have immediately demanded their embassies be evacuated and sent help to facilitate the process. 

However, many airlines including those from UAE, Britain, India and Qatar have halted or re-routed flights. Thus far, Pakistan has been actively facilitating people of priority as well as Afghan nationals to evacuate safely. The Pakistani government aided Danish nationals to evacuate and use Pakistan as a safe passage to return to their own countries. 



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The collapse of the Afghan state with the Taliban takeover has increased refugee and humanitarian risks in the country.  The European Union issued statements last week that the government in power must “ respect and facilitate, the safe and orderly departure of foreign nationals and Afghans who wish to leave the country”.

The Belgian State Secretary Assistant for Asylum and Migration shared with The Brussels Times that  “Now, also as the situation in the airport has become chaotic in Kabul, it is impossible to send those people back at the moment, as most repatriations go through Kabul airport.”

However, the situation in Kabul has been worsening by the minute as people become more reluctant to stay, while the US is trying to “shoo” away the people with Apache combat helicopters, to avoid more problems.

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