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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

US election 2016: protests against Trump break out across major cities

Protests in US cities

With the win for president-elect Trump, in the US election. protesters across the States.

  • There were peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday night against the Trump victory and the rhetoric employed by the now president-elect during the campaign. Most protesters dispersed in the early hours of Thursday.
  • In New York city, several thousand people marched from Union Square to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, blocking streets and prompting police to assemble hasty barricades. At least four arrests were made when marchers were moved on to Trump International Hotel and Tower on Central Park West.
  • In downtown Chicago, several thousand people marched to that city’s Trump Tower, chanting “Not my president!” and “Our bodies, our choice!”.
  • Thousands of demonstrators were also reported in Boston, heading from Boston Common to the Massachusetts statehouse.
  • Other demonstrations have been taking place in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Portland and Washington DC, where a crowd massed outside a newly opened Trump hotel and others gathered outside the White House.
  • Smaller marches were reported in St Paul, Minnesota; Richmond, Virginia; Kansas City; Omaha, Nebraska; and Austin, Texas.

“To access the complete article, please use this link: The Guardian