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Friday, February 3, 2023

US gives helicopters to Ashraf Ghani to fight Taliban

Taliban advance into Afghanistan continues as two more districts come under the command of the non-state-actors. Meanwhile, the reports suggest that the US military might be withdrawing from the country on an even earlier date than what was announced by President Biden.

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According to media reports from Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani led a delegation to Washington. The reports suggest that the US is giving Afghanistan 37 Black Hawk helicopters and 2 A29 Super Tucano Aircrafts.

The reports suggest that these helicopters would be used to fight the growing threat of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Taliban have taken over two more districts as they advance to take control over the nation. The new districts that have come under their command yesternight are Mokor in Gazni province and Khoshmund in Paktika province.

As of now, the Taliban have taken over 110 districts of Afghanistan, which is a huge percentage considering that the whole country is divided into 370 districts. This means that the non-state-actors have taken over almost one-third of the Western neighbor’s territory.

According to an Aljazeera report published on 27th June, around 5,000 Afghan families have fled their homes in the northern city of Kunduz after days of fighting between Taliban fighters and government forces, officials said on Saturday, as the deadline looms for US-led troops to withdraw.

It must be mentioned that the US government had suddenly announced under incumbent president Joe Biden to withdraw from Afghanistan on 11th September, leaving a power vacuum to be filled in the region.

As the US-led NATO began withdrawing in May 2021, the Taliban have taken over areas where the government had limited accessibility.

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As the reports from Afghanistan for a crisis is emerging, the world is looking towards Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistan’s government however has maintained that it wants peace, not conflict in the region.

PM Khan recently wrote in The Washington Post. He said, “Pakistan is ready to be a partner for peace in Afghanistan with the United States — but as U.S. troops withdraw, we will avoid risking further conflict.”

Imran Khan added, “Our countries have the same interest in that long-suffering country: a political settlement, stability, economic development, and the denial of any haven for terrorists. We oppose any military takeover of Afghanistan, which will lead only to decades of civil war, as the Taliban cannot win over the whole of the country, and yet must be included in any government for it to succeed.”