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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

US responds to PM Khan’s speech

During Thursday's address to the nation, PM Khan - in an apparent slip of tongue - named the US as behind the conspiracy against him. Both the White House and the US State Department responded to the allegations.

The United States of America has denied sending a threatening letter to PM Imran Khan. Both the White House and the US State Department together rejected the allegations.

Recently, PM Imran Khan’s claim of a Western power conspiring to dislodge him and his government by sending a threatening letter has caused quite the storm in Pakistan. While the government refuses to reveal the country that sent the letter, there are speculations that it is USA.

However, PM Khan has named the USA as behind the conspiracy against him. During Thursday’s address to the nation, PM Khan, who faces the no-confidence motion, said that he would not resign at any cost and would “never allow this conspiracy” to succeed.

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Taling about the “threatening memo” that the PM claimed to have received from a foreign country, he named the United States to be behind the conspiracy.

In an apparent slip of tongue, he named “the United States…” but quickly moved on and stated that “a foreign country” sent a “threatening memo” which was against the Pakistani nation.

US rejects allegations

However, the USA has denied the claims. During a regular press briefing, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield categorically rejected PM Khan’s allegation.

“There is absolutely no truth to that allegation,” Kate Bedingfield said.

Similarly, the US Department of State also rejected the claims. A reporter as the State Department spokesman Ned Price to comment on PM Khan’s allegations. Ned Price also said that there is no truth to the allegations. He also said that the US is closely following developments in Pakistan.

“We are closely following developments in Pakistan, we respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and rule of law”.

“However, when it comes to that allegation, there is no truth to it,” he concluded.

The threatening letter

During his 27th March power rally, PM Khan brandished the alleged letter and revealed the news for the first time. Since then, the letter has become very controversial with many dismissing it as fake.

Furthermore, the PTI government had been very secretive about the letter due to its sensitive nature was barred from revealing its contents to the public. However, the PTI government invited Pakistan’s leading journalists to the PM House and provided them with some details from the letter.

According to details provided by the journalists, the letter very clearly stated that Pakistan will face problems if PM Khan survives the no-confidence motion. However, if the vote of no-confidence is successful, Pakistan’s problems internationally will resolve.

Separately, senior journalist, Nasim Zehra, also confirmed that the USA threatened Pakistan as PM Imran Khan stays in power. She said that the US did call Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed Khan to deliver an important message to the government of Pakistan.

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Furthermore, Thursday’s National Security Committee expressed grave concern at the communication, terming the language used by the foreign official as undiplomatic. It decided to issue a strong demarche to the country whose official communicated the “threat” to the PTI government.