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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

US wants ‘end of history’: Russia

Sergey Lavrov harked back to Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist and philosopher, who trotted out the concept of the End of History and liberal democracy as the final form of government for all nations.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed on Monday that the US pursues a policy aimed to establish the “end of history,” referring to the book titled The End of History and the Last Man by American political scientist Francis Fukuyama.

“If you look at the policies that the administration of (US President Joe) Biden is pursuing, they want exactly this. They want the end of history to take place not just in the works of political analysts and political scientists, but for it to take place in real life,” Lavrov said during a meeting with journalists and leaders of the Russian media.

During the meeting, Lavrov also noted that actions taken on the global scale in taking an “anti-Russian stance,” which he said are initiated by the US, reflect attempts by Washington to establish the “end of history.”

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“Everything that we see now in Europe in its broadest sense, everything that we see on other continents, where American messengers demand that every state take an anti-Russian position, join sanctions, and not communicate with Russian representatives, is all a reflection of the very attempt to establish the end of history, to establish the final, irrevocable dominance of that same ‘golden billion’ (the so-called model of the West),” Lavrov said.

Lavrov later argued that Washington’s attempts to “end history” will fail as in previous efforts during human history by one or more forces to “dictate everything.”

“The course of history cannot be stopped, there is no and never will be an end to history, because humanity has already gone through attempts to subjugate it more than once by one or another force that intends to dictate everything on everyone,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov further said the West’s opportunities to “steer the world economy the way it wants” will diminish, adding that the West will have to engage in negotiations regardless of their will.

“We are not going to run after the West. … They broke off almost all relations. … We will focus on those who have never let us down and with whom we achieved very difficult compromises without any deception. … With the West, everything is exactly the opposite,” Lavrov said.

Fukuyama’s 1992 book The End of History and the Last Man, which Lavrov refers to, argues that history should be viewed as an evolutionary process and that liberal democracy is the final form of government for all nations at the end of this process.

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