Useless speech! Indians destory PM Modi on social media

Do you have nothing to do? Listen to the Modi speech... Wait! Don't watch it, don't waste your time. The memesters says they felt disappointed with the PM Narendra Modi for setting any other amusing task. The social media users trolled him for a lengthy speech with no important message. Have a look at best memes.

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A score of Indian social media users mocked PM Modi on his latest address to the nation yesterday on April 14th.

As chaos mounted following his announcement to extend the lockdown till May 3rd, Indian social media users slammed and mocked him for delivering a speech more on his pseudoscience and less on the strategies to control the economic and social devastation in India.

A few Indian publications argued that PM Modi made multiple radio and TV appearances in the last four weeks in which he asked what people need to do like clapping, banging pots and pans, social distancing and staying at home but his addresses were void of concrete plans to tackle hunger, unemployment, stimulus package or income support programs for the impoverished.

They noted that PM Modi repeatedly told people what they need to do but did not tell them what the government was doing from them.

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One of his critics from Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande took a dig at the PM Modi said thankfully that he did not ask people to cling utensils or light lamps.

“He could have elaborated steps to be taken to tackle the coronavirus, relaxing restrictions on movements in different areas (depending upon threat posed by the disease),” she said.

“His speech normally is more of a rhetoric than substance. Thankfully, he did not give any other event to the people like lighting up lamps or clanging utensils. There was nothing substantial (in the address), the only takeaway was that the lockdown has been extended,” she added.

A lot of social media users likened the speeches of PM Modi due to the gimmicks which he plays to deflect the attention from the grave humanitarian crisis that has hit the streets of India amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The memesters say that they felt disappointed with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting any other amusing task. The social media users trolled him for a lengthy speech with no important message.

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Some mocked him for building up suspense for no use, whereas,  some compared his speech to the behaviour of the average YouTuber or Instagram influencer.


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