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Monday, May 20, 2024

Using ones influence for good: Mahira Khan fulfills a cancer patient’s wish

Beautiful actress and former RJ, Mahira Khan reached Karachi to meet her fan Nida, a cancer patient who is recently admitted at Indus hospital in Karachi She expressed her wish to meet Mahira Khan in a video which went viral on social media in which she requested Mahira Khan to come meet her.

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Nida was elated when Mahira Khan reached Indus hospital to meet her. The Hospital shared the video of Mahira Khan on their Twitter account. “Mahira Khan came to the Indus Hospital to visit Nida, a cancer patient whose wish was to meet the actress,” wrote Indus Hospital while sharing the video.

Mahira Khan praised the hospital’s administration and the services they offer to their patients. She stated she would be happy to become a part in any way in helping out Indus Hospital. She, in fact, thanked the management for reaching out and giving her the opportunity to meet her lovely fan Nida and other patients.

“I am amazed to see how well the children are treated specially in the hospital”, said Mahira Khan. She expressed how much she’s heard about the Indus Hospital and finally got a chance to visit in the best way possible. Mahira, impressed with the hospital’s management, wished to visit more often, to surprise other patients and give those suffering hope.

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Mahira Khan also shared the video with Nida on her Twitter account, asking all her 1.92 million followers to pray for the girl.

“Nida is a strong strong girl. She said she only gets weak when she sees her mother cry for her… Anyone reading this pray for Nida and her family. May all her wishes come true. May she be blessed with health and happiness Ameen,” wrote Mahira Khan in a Tweet.

Indus Hospital runs on funds and donations and treats many of its patient free of cost.